Training Courses in Iraq: Prepare Your Employees for Achieving Organization Goals

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Training is the fundamental of filling gaps between available and expected skills. It is the only means to develop a person so that he can meet your organization’s requirements. Training can be beneficial both from the perspective of an organization and its employees. This is because training leads to the personal development of individuals as well. Therefore, employees must cooperate with organizations for obtaining mutual benefits from training.


Training is equally evident both for newly appointed and existing employees. Freshers require training to adapt to the working environment and the job they need to perform. Whereas training is essential for sharpening the skills of old employees. For instance, you can train them on advanced technology, a new job.  Various training courses can be conducted for preparing a person who is suitable for an enterprise.

Training Courses You Can Plan for Your Employees:

Gets started with the training courses you can organize for your employees.

On the Job Training

On the job training refers to the process of training your employees on the actual office equipment. When employees get exposure to the working environment, they learn how to use one equipment correctly. Thus, they learn their job fast and tend to commit fewer mistakes while doing their work. However, some employees do not find it comfortable to learn in a group. They are even afraid of getting humiliated for their mistakes. Moreover, on the job training might affect your company resources as well. Thus, you can arrange off the job training for these employees.

Off the Job Training

Off the job training involves the creation of a separate classroom for offering theoretical training to your employees. Apart from theoretical training, you can duplicate the equipment available in your organization. After that, train your employees in the selected vestibule in case there is not sufficient space for that in your organization. Employees prefer off the job training more than on the job training. However, you will require separate trainers and study materials for conducting off the job training. Thus, it involves more expenses than on the job training.

Interpersonal Skills Training 

Interpersonal skills help to develop the ability to understand the person with whom you are communicating. An organization depends upon the interpersonal associations among its employees. Employees will never be able to work in a group unless they know how to behave with each other. Moreover, you must be open-minded while discussing a work-related matter. Open-mindedness is a mandatory skill for a leader. Hence, he must make a decision only after considering the viewpoints of his subordinates. Thus, interpersonal training is very much essential to build up the feeling of team spirit among your employees.

Technical Training

Technology is developing day by day and giving rise to better ways of doing work. You can’t implement these techniques unless your employees know how to make use of them. Hence technical training is necessary to widen the technical knowledge possessed by your employees.


An employee must learn how to use one equipment even if he doesn’t work on it. It will help him to handle emergency situations when another employee goes absent or the workload is excessive. Furthermore, technical training enables an employee to specialize in his job. Thus, he will be able to perform his work more confidently. As a result, it will reduce the number of mistakes and improve the quality of productivity.

Problem Solving Training

Problem-solving training is the ability to deal with a problem. It is not possible to estimate all potential threats for your organization. Thus, you need to be prepared to handle all sorts of problems that might come into the way of running your organization. Problem-solving training covers analytical and logical thinking skills. Finally, it helps employees to make instant decisions in case their immediate superior is unavailable.


So, split your group of employees into small teams and start the problem-solving session. Give them a topic and obtain their suggestions through brainstorming. Then, continue the session by evaluating their ideas and finalizing the correct course of action.

Diversity or Sensitivity Training

Several organizations are opting for sensitivity training these days. Self-analysis and self-awareness are key factors of sensitivity training. Sensitivity training is usually conducted through counseling methods. It works on three principles which are as follows:


  • Unfreezing of old values
  • Development of new values
  • Re-freezing the new one

Final Words…

You can’t ignore training if you want to have a sound workforce that is adaptable to changes. Therefore, analyze the training courses in Iraq and identify the suitable ones for your organization. Next, organize training programs and measure the changes in your employees’ performance.

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