Top Travel Essentials That Can Save Your Health

by Amit Kumar Delta Airlines Reservations

Whether you are a seasonal backpacker or a first-time globetrotter having a detailed travel essentials make all the difference in preparing for your trip. When you are away from home planning ahead is important especially for those who are allergic to chronic health conditions or any such exposure which makes you vulnerable. Knowing the value of having essentials in your possession whether it’s a small bag or toiletries to what medications you should carry will make sure you are prepared for almost any weather. Find here everything you need to get yourself ready to travel. Are you seeking for a weekend getaway, backpacking adventure or tropical vacation? Compare all our flight offers and travel with the lowest fare for your next trip with Delta Airlines Reservations. With years of experience, Delta Airlines travel experts have successfully assisted thousands of passengers each year to make a smart move with our super low-cost flight tickets.

Top Travel Essentials That Can Save Your Health

Given below are some of the top essentials one should carry while traveling:

Hand Sanitizer

Your hands are one part of the body that has maximum exposure. Everything you do is bound to make you more vulnerable to bacteria, making it easier for you to get sick. A mini portable hand sanitizer with at least 50 percent of alcohol is a good idea which takes virtually no room in your bag.

Saline nasal spray

Since the air inside the plane cabin tends to be much drier it can dry out your mucous membranes and make it easier for you to pick up cold or fever. A saline nasal the spray helps keeps mucous membranes moist and keeps one less susceptible to germs.

Pain reliever

For many people with chronic illness, the prospect of traveling can be daunting. Pain can be aggravated if you are traveling is long because the seats are not always comfortable.  Carrying a pain reliever may be a good idea for easing pain, soreness and inflammation from sprains, arthritis or other issues.

Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

Storing your toothbrush in a less than the clean place can subject your toothbrush to germs. So sanitizing your toothbrush with a portable toothbrush sanitizer and covering it with a portable case that uses UV light to kill the bacteria may be a good idea.

Water Purifier Water Bottle

Water is the best medicine to keep your body healthy and hydrated no matter where you are traveling abroad. Bring along a water purifier water bottle that removes bacteria and parasites.

Organic Filtration Mask

An organic filtration mask is a must for those individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma, immune system imbalances, migraines, mast cell issues or other sensitivities, airports, and airplanes can be full of potential triggers. This reusable organic cotton mask does not block out all fragrances and doors but it does a good job blocking airborne particles and air pollution.

Healthy Snacks

make some space for balanced, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and healthy snacks to ensure you stay well-nourished and healthy while traveling.


Carry sunglasses to keep your eyes protected especially since the dry air and cabin pressure in planes is not contact lens friendly. Using glasses with digital screen protection to block blue light helps to keeps your hormones balanced and improves sleep.

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