Top Tips for Autumn Property Maintenance

by Marta Jordan Writer
Autumn is here and the changing of the seasons brings with it a whole set of new property maintenance requirements. In Australia, much of the maintenance that is conducted in autumn is done with an eye towards preparing buildings and grounds for winter. 

If you are not a maintenance expert, never fear. Professional property and grounds maintenance teams are on hand to assist you across all areas of maintenance, ensuring that facilities are adequately prepared for the cooler months ahead. 

When planning your autumn maintenance, keep the following tasks in mind.

Attend to gutters
Cleaning gutters is a relatively simple, but important task that can help prevent serious problems, including blocked pipes and leaking ceilings. If gutters are blocked, it only takes one big downpour for significant internal and external damage to occur. 

Gutters should be kept free of leaves, sticks, and debris that builds up over time. The best time to clean gutters is in autumn, before it gets too wet and potentially dangerous.

Gutter cleaning can be a tricky task, particularly if you are not experienced using a ladder. Consider contacting a maintenance professional to assist you.

Clean fireplaces and chimneys
All fireplaces and chimneys should be cleaned before the onset of winter. This is particularly important in retirement villages, where residents may rely on their fireplaces to keep warm.

If left unchecked and uncleaned, a dangerous substance called creosote can build up in the interior of a chimney. Creosote is a by-product that comes from burning wood. While it starts off as a flaky substance, over time it hardens to the point where it becomes very dense and difficult to remove.

A build-up of creosote prevents smoke from exiting the property and can lead to potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Fire can also break out if there is a build up of smoke or the creosote catches alight.

There are different methods to cleaning a fireplace; the main two are to go from bottom-up or top-down. Both have their own risks, and so property managers are highly advised to seek professional assistance.

Check garden and grounds requirements
Coming out of summer, most grounds and gardens will require extra attention. Aside from general cutting, mowing, and pruning, you may need to clear plants and trees that have not survived the summer heat. 

Grounds should be cleared of falling leaves to ensure that lawn spaces stay clean and free of pests, which may have found a home the long, cool grass over summer. 

Autumn is also a good time to review grounds management plans and water conservation strategies as we head into the wetter months. A professional property maintenance expert will be able to assist you put together a management plan that suits your maintenance needs and keeps your grounds looking neat and tidy, whatever the weather.

Clean and repair pathways
One of the greatest hazards to occupant safety is overgrown, messy, and damaged footpaths. Concrete cracks can be extra dangerous in colder weather, particularly when combined with fallen, slippery leaves.

Pathways should be patched up and cleaned of leaves, moss, and dirt on a regular basis to ensure the safety of property occupants.

Apply specialist protective coatings
The exterior of a property is exposed to damaging elements all year round. Sun can burn and fade painted surfaces, whilst wind and rain can have a corrosive effect. That’s why specialist protective coatings are so important.

A protective coating applied on top of a painted surface not only keeps a property looking great, but it acts as the first line of defence against damaging weather conditions. Autumn is an excellent time to apply protective coatings to a property, addressing the effects of the summer sun while looking to protect against the upcoming wind, rain, and hail. 

Consider waterproofing the property
Waterproofing is a proven method of retaining heat and keeping energy costs low over the cooler months. When waterproofing a property, you might choose to focus upon protecting the:

● Foundations
● Exterior walls
● Roof
● Interior fittings (particularly in the bathroom and kitchen areas)

Waterproofing can be achieved by applying specialist coatings, or even choosing to render the entire property with concrete. If you are considering waterproofing, it is recommended that you seek out professional assistance. An experienced property maintenance specialist will be able to advise you on the best options for your situation.

Each season brings with it specific maintenance requirements and it can be difficult to keep track of what needs to happen at a specific time. A professional property maintenance team can take the hassle out of your hands with maintenance assistance tailored to your circumstances. Whether you are in charge of a retirement village, school, strata residence, or commercial building, maintenance professionals have the skills and experience to keep your facilities looking neat and tidy, all year round.

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