Top Reasons to Choose Engineered Marble for Kitchen Countertops

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Investing in your kitchen space is an integral part of the home makeover project. It is going to be a major investment. Therefore, it will require ample saving and planning beforehand. One of the most vital aspects of re-designing the kitchen space is to choose the right countertop material for the space. With a myriad of options to choose from, it becomes a difficult decision to choose the best one for your needs and preferences.

Types of Kitchen Countertop Materials

There is an abundance of kitchen countertop materials out there. However, you will usually come across three primary material types for kitchen countertops. You can think of installing natural stone countertops. These are quite durable and slightly expensive. The other types of countertop materials are the ones designed using synthetic materials or processes by engineered stone manufacturers. Some of the synthetic materials you can come across are PVC, metal, and solid surfaces.

Then, we have engineered stone materials. These are designed by stone fabricators. They can be regarded as the mix between human-made and natural stone countertops. Some of these are engineered marble, engineered quartz stone, and so more. In addition to being durable, the best part of using composite marble and other engineered materials is that they are cheap as well. These human-made kitchen countertop materials deliver best of both the worlds. Therefore, these are indeed one of the most popular options for designer kitchen countertops.

Composite Marble -the Best Option for Kitchen Countertops

While there is a myriad of kitchen countertop materials, engineered stone like composite marble offer a few distinct advantages over other alternative options. Engineered quartz marble countertops are manufactured by taking 90-94 percent marble components, a natural stone, and combined with some resins, pigments, and polymers.

The marble is usually ground down. However, based on specific looks or patterns that you wish to achieve, the extent to which the grind is coarse or fine will vary. Moreover, due to the ability to infuse specific colors into the mix, composite marble online is known to offer a wide range of colors and patterns in comparison to other materials. As natural stone materials like granite are dependent on the rock from which they are cut, they are quite unique on a per slab basis. This will force the buyers to adapt to the natural stone instead of making the stone adapt to the overall design scheme.

Benefits of Using Engineered or Composite Marble for Kitchen Countertops

#Cheaper Than Other Alternatives

A major benefit of using engineered stone countertops is that they are highly affordable when compared with natural stone variants. They might appear and feel like a natural stone material. However, as they are human-made and prepared out of synthetic materials, the production costs turn out to be quite low. Generally, you will come across engineered stone countertops to be around $50 per square foot cheaper in comparison to natural stone variants.

It is a lucrative alternative option to natural stones because of the low price ceiling. When you are on a budget for your home renovation project, an engineered marble countertop is the best option out there. Composite marble countertops are cheaper for a number of reasons. Fabricators make engineered stone countertops for answering a wide range of problems that homeowners with kitchen spaces usually have.

A well-engineered and designed kitchen countertop will cost you around $5000 to $6000 -including installation. On the other hand, when you go ahead with the option of natural stone countertops, it will cost you around $8000 to $10,000. In addition to being relatively cheaper than the natural counterparts, engineered marble stone features unbeatable quality standards.

#Life-long Investment

Kitchen countertops are major investments for your kitchen. At their cheapest, they will cost some hundreds of dollars. Therefore, it is important that the kitchen countertop you choose should last in your space for a long time. You would not like to invest in some major investment that will only last a few years. The good news is that you can have it all with composite marble countertops.

Natural stone countertops are famed for their durability and longevity. However, what when you might not have the budget for it? The best part is that engineered stone countertops are known to last equally long. They are capable of lasting as long as the natural stone materials. Due to the in-depth production process, you can expect that these countertops last longer.

#Heat, Scratch, and Stain resistant

When you are selecting a material for the kitchen countertop, you should indeed choose the one that serves multiple purposes for your day-to-day actions. Kitchen countertops are expected to be the foundation for a majority of tasks that you perform in the kitchen. It would include kitchen preparation work, slicing veggies, cooking, and so more. They should be strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy appliances as well.

Engineered marble countertops are designed to withstand all major kitchen duties effectively. Engineered stone materials are great for a wide range of applications. Whether it is about preparing necessary ingredients or baking, and so more -countertops made out of composite marble are heat, scratch, and stain resistant.

#Eco-friendly and Durable

Most homeowners in the modern era look forward to redesigning spaces by keeping the environment in mind. Therefore, the trend of eco-friendly spaces is on the rise. Amidst such a trend, your kitchen space should not be left behind. Engineered stone materials are eco-friendly as they do not disrupt the natural environment.

Most engineered marble materials are produced regionally. Therefore, carbon emissions with respect to shipments are eliminated effectively. Moreover, the human-made alternatives to natural stone are capable of resisting chipping, staining, and scratching.


The use of engineered stone materials is on the rise. If you wish to add a contemporary touch to your modern kitchen space, you can think of installing composite marble countertops from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. Look for important factors like price, durability, applications, and others to make use of the best quality of engineered marble for your home.

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