Top Innovative Mobile Apps that Gained Popularity in 2019-2021

by Steve J. Digital Marketing

The smartphone has become the most popular way for people to get online and stay connected over the past few years, and it will continue to be so for some time to come. The smartphone has become the universal communication device for people of all ages and worldwide, and it has completely changed mobile app development technologies. The digital connection has become an essential piece of any modern life and will only get more crowded as the demand for faster mobile internet connectivity continues to grow. That's why the industry has been experiencing unprecedented growth in the past few years. The number of apps released each year has been upward. There are various reasons for this growth, and it's not just the content that's increasing in volume. New technological breakthroughs are being made in the app space that have elevated the industry to unprecedented levels. Here are some apps that gained popularity in past 2 years - Calm:- Calm is an app that helps you find inner peace. It does this by playing guided meditations and sleep stories adapted for specific activities. The app is currently rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by over 3,000 reviewers and has a 4.6 rating in the App Store. The idea for Calm came when the founders, Michael Acton Smith, Alex Tew, and Julian Beach, realized that they all suffered from various stress and anxiety issues. As they researched meditation and mindfulness techniques, they wondered if there was a way to make these practices more accessible. This led them to build an app that would give people the tools to calm their minds. They decided to make the app free and accessible to everyone and free of cost. FaceApp:- FaceApp is an innovative mobile application that allows you to transform any person into a celebrity, a beautiful person, or just an older or younger version of themselves. You can swipe right to try a new effect and swipe left to return to the previous effect. You can also scroll up or down to see more effects. FaceApp was designed by a Russian company and launched in 2017. This app just shows how far technology has come. You can download this mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. KineMaster :- KineMaster is one of the best iPhone and Android app development tools that mobile application developers are using worldwide. It was first released in 2016, and since then, it has managed to maintain and grow its market share in the mobile app development industry. KineMaster Mobile is the first video editor available on the Google Play Store compatible with 4K video footage. KineMaster allows you to combine audio, video, and images to create stunning videos for your mobile app. And apart from this, the tool also allows you to create GIFs, collages, and live video streams. TikTok:- This new app is redefining the world of entertainment and work. TikTok is a mobile application that allows you to create short videos or "musical selfies" with fun special effects and share them with the world. You can choose from a range of pre-made templates or create your own app from scratch. In just a few months of its launch, the app gained tremendous popularity. The only thing which is not appreciated in the tik tok is the credit to the original artist whose music or voice has been used in the videos. Relive:- The Relive app, released in 2016, makes 3D recordings of your bike rides, runs, hikes, and ski activities, touting it as a "fly-over your path." Then, whether through social media or messaging, you may share your unique adventures with others. The software also displays other aspects of each excursion, such as photos (and where they were taken), mileage, elevation gain, speed, and overall time. Webtoon:- Webtoon is a leading online comic platform where users can read and publish webcomics. It attracts over 22 million unique users a day, with over 60 comics being uploaded by its 20,000 active creators every day. Webtoon's vision is to be a platform where people worldwide can share their creativity and passion for comics. Webtoon believes that online comics will be the next big thing in publishing. Reverse:- Reverse, which serves as a "fancafe" for fans worldwide, is the next creative mobile app. It was coded mobile app development back in 2005 and allowed users to access exclusive content and official releases from artists that are not available anywhere else. This app also features a unique function akin to Instagram's Stories, which can be accessed through this app. "Artists' Moments" is the name given to a 24-hour window where followers can view "inspirational" posts from artists. Youper:- Youper is a mobile app that allows you to track your mental health. The app will help you track your moods and thoughts while also reminding you to take care of yourself. It will also notify you if your mood is getting worse. It provides mental help by demonstrating how to meditate and become aware. Canva:- Canva is the leading graphic design platform in the cloud. The platform allows users to create their own designs, logos, and projects without having any knowledge of graphic design software. The platform has over 100 million users, and Canva is used in over 100 countries. It has been created from Facebook covers to album covers to wedding invitations. WebNovel :- WebNovel is a web-based novel publishing platform that allows users to read web novels, discover new novels, and share novels with others. The service is divided into genres and provides recommendations based on novels users have read and liked. Users can also discover new novels by browsing new releases and find novels by searching through the novel database. Innovative mobile apps run the market. The current market is filled with technological advancements, and businesses have developed the best tools to attract their customers. Companies are now competing with mobile apps to reach their customers. The apps have made life easier for people, and businesses have developed the most innovative apps to boost their businesses. Mobile apps have allowed customers to take their business everywhere they go. Conclusion The future of web and mobile apps development is looking so bright that the industry has already started redefining the current business concepts. As the technology is unleashing its potential, app developers are rethinking the way to create a mobile app for business. Innovations never fail to surprise us! As technology is evolving, business leaders are getting more creative with the way they build a mobile app.

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