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Are you planning an event that needs a tent for outdoor cover? Then you need to look into frame tents as an option. They're already popular for events and weddings for several reasons, so you've got to see why they're so much in demand. Here's why you should get a custom frame tent for your event. 

No Obstructions
No matter what your event is, you want to ensure that everyone can see the whole way through the tent. That's especially important if you have a stage at one end, as whatever is happening at that end is vital. This is also true if you're holding a wedding in your tent. The last thing you want is someone's view of the nuptials being blocked by a pole. 

A frame tent is the best option here, as they require no internal supports. Instead, the frame that holds the tent up provides the support. There's a wide open space under the roof, so people can flow through easily, and no one's view is obstructed. 

Ease Of Construction
With a frame tent, it's very simple to get it up and ready for use. When you buy or rent one, you'll be given instructions on how to construct it, and you'll see it won't take you very long. That means it'll be up in no time, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your event. 

Frame Tent

Of course, this also means that it will be easier to get the tent down as well, after your event is over. That's less time having to wrangle the tent, meaning that you won't have to spend more time than you need to in the event space, once your event is over. 

Easily Customisable
Are you looking at a tent for your company? If you intend to take it with you for different events, then you'll be interested to see that they are customisable. Any good frame tent manufacturer will offer you a variety of options when it comes to the colour and style of your tent. It'll be easy to pick colours that will match your current branding. You can even have your logo added, too. When you go to events with your tent, you'll see you're able to show off your business from far away, before customers even come to your tent. 

Can Be Constructed Anywhere
If you use a pole tent, the alternative to a frame tent, you'll see that there are limits as to where you can set them up. You'll usually need a grassy area to pitch that tent, as the poles need to be staked into the ground to keep the tent stable. This limits you in where you can use your tent.

With a frame tent though, this isn't a problem. You can erect that tent almost anywhere you need it to be. This can be on patios and decks, on concrete, even on rooftops. This is possible thanks to a design that allows weights to hold the tent down. 

Fabrics That Repel The Weather 
When you hold your event, of course the hope is that the weather will co operates with you, allowing you sunshine and clear skies. However, this isn't always the case. Sometimes you'll have to contend with rainy weather and storms. With a good frame tent supplier though, this isn't a problem. 

The best frame tents are made to withstand bad weather, so you can hold your event no matter what. Depending on the materials used to make the tent, it can be mould and mildew resistant, stopping damage in its tracks. Some are even UV ray resistant too, so blazing hot sun also won't be a problem when you're working under the tent.
Tents Of All Sizes
There's a tent that's just the right size for your event out there. When you start shopping around, you'll see tents that are the perfect size for you. They can even be custom made to your dimensions, depending on what you need. 

There are all sorts of reasons why frame tents are such a good choice for events. They're customisable, they're easy to construct, and they have no obstructions in them. Now's the time to pick one up for your next event.

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