Top Choice: 7 Things to do in Hargeisa

by Shahid Raza Digital Marketing Expert

We are creatures of our own nature. Among many other things, we like to plan things ahead of time without knowing how things might turn out in the future. For instance, when traveling you can plan all you want but things always tend to make a change.

Travelling is bliss for many, with the ability to scour new lands, learn new things about different places make you aware of lots of things.

Africa is a continent unlike any other. The word has it, you discover something new with every sunset and sunrise. The scenario is unlike any you will experience. Sure, there are beautiful countries in Africa but yet, many remain waiting to top the list for tourism, and one of those countries is Somalia. 

Never expect anything like Somalia

As mentioned earlier, when you travel you plan everything ahead of time. But what do you plan for a place with a red history? let me tell you what; you plan nothing at all, keep your mind open, keep low expectations and you might get sweet surprise by this country. 

It’s hard to book a flight, but not to Somalia, you can book a cheap flight to Hargeisa, and plan your trip with almost no worries at all. True, media doesn’t paint an attracting picture of the place, but getting a firsthand experience will change your mind otherwise. 

What has Hargeisa got in store for you?

Unlike its parent history, Hargeisa is relatively safe to travel. Petty crime at tourist most visited places in all about pickpocketing, but let's be honest, where else you haven't seen it already? Hargeisa is a pretty fascinating city to visit. Among the safest and sound things you can do are;

1. Visit the trendy Summer Time Restaurant

Obviously, food is the most common factor that united all cultures, so why it will be any different in Hargeisa?

From Somalia's standard, this is a trendy place with exotic flavours, simple menu with authentic recipes. Items on the menu are handpicked and to the very surprise, tasty enough. The outdoor setting lets you dry up the hot summer heat (if you are a seasonal traveller). You can enjoy a mild cool evening under the leaf-dappled outdoor terrace.

2. Take a look at African Village

You will quit feel intake by this place. The peaceful environment will let you forget the worries. Quite popular among the tourists so far, you can relax here. 

The place is easy to reach and you can enjoy the day by tasting native specialties, kinds of pasta (yes!) seafood with various degrees of items on the menu, fast food (it's a call for the burger) and a few classic desserts.

Thinking Hargeisa and pasta don't match? Just wait until you try it. It's a mouth melting experience.

3. Pearly white Jama Mosque

Just to the east side of the central market, is the white structure of the Jama Mosque, boasting with its two minarets. When you book your cheap flights to Hargeisa, remember it's a Muslim dominant country you are planning to travel to. So pack modest luggage. Especially if you visit the mosque, cover your head (out of respect) and you can take a good look from the inside.

Five times a day, through the speakers, you will hear a calling for prayer (Arabic verses) and people leave whatever they are doing and head to offer prayer (especially on Fridays there's a mass gathering).

4. Yemini Saba

Like many other themed restaurants, Saba is entitled to its Yemini dishes and a full-fledged menu with the rightful proportion of every eatable item.

As long as you are in Hargeisa, do try the camel meat (a specialty in meat). You can taste the aromatic recipes for Mendi (lamb), Handid (mutton) prepared as a slow-cooked meat in a beehive oven.

Dates are a common fruit all over Africa. You can entertain with various desserts made from dates. 

5. Open Livestock Market

When you travel to Africa, prepare yourself to experience the markets. Unlike Target and thrift stores, the market experience is unique. Ever had a chance to visit a livestock market before? If not, this is your chance to experience the selling of lambs, goats and camels, hundreds of them daily.

Meat is the staple food here so it's a common and easiest way to get hands-on the best-catered livestock. You can chit chat with the sellers, who come from surrounding places to get good money. Rise early in the morning, to capture the perfect view of the livestock market.

6. Saran Museum 

If you are a history nerd and interest to get familiar with the place, a museum is a right address for the job. Much to disappointment, the museum is not fancy, but it brings about simplicity.

Saran Museum

The museum consists of two rooms, and the exhibitions on the display consist of the eminence of cultural and political history. Walls are filled with portraits and pictures taken.  To get the authentic information about the country, the curator (owner) shares the details about things and is a friendly old chap.

7. Taste of Kulan Art Café

Traditional beverages are the most popular around here. The best of Somalian tea is serves in Kulan Art Café. 

Owned by a fashion designer, Kulan, he has set the place with a colourful ambience, with a civilized atmospheric lounge. Café walls are packed with vivid paintings by the local artists, which give a cultural vibe to it.

Burgers, pasta, kebabs and desserts are the most common items served on the menu besides the fresh fruit juices and traditional tea.

What to expect?

Keep an open mind when you plan to travel to unknown places. If you are low on budget and have the excitement of a traveller, worry not.  You can get on the plane right away, turns out flights in Hargeisa are cheap and you don’t have to worry about things overpriced. You can travel keen and low and yet get the most out of it. 

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