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In today’s modern world, society is stressed upon being glamorous and flashy. With regard to a lot of upcoming fashion trends, hair with its length and volume is considered as an eminent status symbol. Experimenting with hair is something that every individual has taken keen interest in. With the innovation of human hair extensions, one can easily create a new kind of hairstyle they desire. Dull tresses can be instantly made to look fresh and bouncy by simply adding a clip to the human hair extensions. Our mental state is greatly reflected by the way we look. Hence, this new fashion has seemed to build in confidence in many and uplift individuals psychologically too.

Research is the primary requisite to find the best raw Indian hair supplier. This way one shall be sure of finding the right kind. Along with extensive research through various search engines, a fixed budget is another important factor for adherence. Awareness of the budget shall help filter the search for raw Indian hair wholesale suppliers.

It must be known that in the Indian market there are a greater number of vendors selling fake hair than the ones selling authentic hair. While investing in hair extensions, one must have sound knowledge of differentiate between authentic and fake hair, as low-quality hair is too common among the market.

Here are some pointers to help you take better decisions while choosing from indian hair wholesale suppliers:

1.     Chemical Check – Pure virgin hair must be free of any chemical processing, such as – dyeing, perming or relaxers. A sniff test done on a bundle of hair is the easiest way to check if the hair is chemically treated. The other way to check is to damp the hair bundle and apply a neutralizing shampoo. It shall turn into pink if it is chemically treated.

2.     Cuticle Check – There must be cuticles present on the hair if it is pure virgin hair that is not chemically treated. In the absence of cuticles, they usually are stripped with an acid bath. For doing a cuticle check, you can run the fingers up and down the shaft of hair. The strands of hair must feel smooth going downwards and some resistance must be felt moving in the opposite direction. The resistance indicates the cuticle is present and not stripped.

3.     Smoke Test – This is to be done by taking a match or lighter and lighting the ends of the hair. It is human hair if the hair burns with a white smoke and turns into ash, and there is no presence of synthetic fibres. On the contrary, if the hair burns with a black smoke and forms a sticky texture, it indicates the presence of synthetic fibres in the hair bundle.

4.     Non – Uniformity Check – Pure virgin hair is usually taken directly from the scalp of the donors and they must have some amount of irregularities in it. This is common as most of the people do not have a perfect wave from the root to tip and generally have irregular curls, ringlets or waves on the head. Therefore, look out for some irregularities in the hair texture while receiving a bundle of hair from raw Indian hair wholesale suppliers, to make sure it is virgin hair.

Apart from these, you must pay attention the cost, quality, automation, inventory and global warehousing of the suppliers. Todays young generation is continuously being influenced for hair extensions through magazines, movies, changing fashion and celebrities showcasing their gorgeous hairstyles.

Keeping these pointers in mind shall be of help while you choose the best kind of hair suppliers in India. It is truly an important decision to be made and precautions is best to be taken while selection. With a lot of wholesale suppliers in India, there is a lot of competition in the market. Hence, knowing certain facts and being accurate are keys to make sure you do not make a costly mistake.

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