Top 5 Unconventional Tips to Fix Your Dryer

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Basically, the dryer of the washing machine uses a simple technique to dry your wet clothes, An inner drum rotates wet clothes while circulating heated air through them to collect the moisture and then carry it out through the exhaust hose. Like most of the people, probably you also use your dryer to dry your clothes at least once a week.

According to Appliance Medic, If you find that your dryer is not working properly, and you want to fix the problem. Here, it also matters that how serious you are about this problem or what steps have you taken till now from the detection of the problem because generally, dryer problems are so minor that it can be repaired easily at home without any assistance from technicians.

We have found several unconventional problems that occur to the majority of people around the world. So, we have mentioned a few common problems of dryer and Bosch dryer repair tips to let you know that how to repair your dryer at home.

1.    Dryer does not start

Dryer neither getting start nor drying the clothes, It may be because of a broken part of the dryer or the dryer is not getting enough power to operate. Before you start checking for the interiors of the dryer, check for the plug, power cord, and breakers and ensure that all is plugged well and in working condition:

a. Check and ensure that the dryer is securely plugged in and the plug or cord of the dryer is not damaged.

b. For an electric dryer, check the breaker box to make sure the breaker hasn’t been thrown.

c.  For a gas dryer, check for the gas supply and make sure that it is ON and there is no obstruction in the gas pipe.

Additionally, if it is not heating or running, check for the breaker also.

d. Check for the door actuator & door switch and ensure that both of the dryer actuators and door switches are working properly.

2.    Dryer does not heat up

If the dryer does not heat up, check for the below-mentioned things used in the dryer to keep the heat inside the dryer:

a. Check for the heating /drying cycle.

b. Check and clean the lint filter

c.  Check and clean the vent tube.

d. Check your circuit breaker and replace it, if necessary

e. Check for the heating element and make sure that it is working properly.

3.  The dryer is not venting properly.

You can feel hot by damp air coming out from the dryer vent, but if it is not happening in the same way, the air may be blocked due to the following reasons:

a. Check for the vent flap cap, and make sure that it is not jam. Clean it with your finger or suck out the vent with a vacuum. And Replace the vent flap, if it not close and open freely.

b. Check for the vent tube and clear out the vent by removing & cleaning it.

c.  Check for the lint and ensure that the lint is not clogged within the dryer.

d. Check and clean the dryer lint filter after every load. If necessary, replace the lint filter.

4.    The noise comes out from the dryer

If you find that your dryer is making squeaking or high-pitched squealing noise, it may be caused due to the idler pulley assembly. According to the Whirlpool dryer repair servicethis assembly controls the tension on the drum belt through friction and by the passes of time, the idler pulley may be failed and can produce the noise.

5. Dryer drum does not move

When you find out that your dryer is not tumbling the clothes, there may be a reason that the motor has broken. But when you can hear the motor running and the drum is still not turning, this is caused due to a worn or broken drive belt.  However, this part is cheap and easy to obtain, but it might be a little tedious to fix it without the assistance of the appliance repair service professionals.

Appliance Medic  has a professionally skilled team of Dryer Repair Service to handle such issues and many more. If you are looking for a Kenmore dryer repair serviceSamsung dryer repair service,LG dryer repair, Check the attractive quotes and contact us for a hassle-free service.

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