Top 4 Reasons Why Smart Classrooms Are A Part of Some of the Best CBSE Schools in Kolkata

by BHS Mukundapur Team Best CBSE School in Kolkata

Gone are the days when education and school meant sitting in a classroom with chalk and blackboards. While, the sight definitely brings in a lot of nostalgia for most of us, the demand of the hour is very different. Traditional teaching practices have given way to modern pedagogy and with it, redefined classrooms too. In this era, smart classrooms are the new favorite of all good schools. It not only makes learning fun but also expands the horizon of knowledge. In this blog, we will see why the best CBSE School in Kolkata vouches for smart classrooms and what are the top 4 benefits of using this technology.

Top 4 reasons why smart classrooms are beneficial

1.    Access to a wide range of information material

There is no second about how much we depend on the internet today. The world is truly at our fingertips with the advent of internet technology. Using smart technology in classrooms, allows reaping the advantages of this vast resource pool of information. Schools with smart classrooms are definitely having an advantage over those which rely solely on physical libraries. Teachers can directly download extra teaching materials like videos, presentations, online tutorials etc. to make the lessons well-rounded.

Gone are the days when books and classroom notes were all that a student had. Interactive boards allow them to access all the information that is available on a topic. This encourages students to walk that extra mile and if such a technology is given from an early age, it helps in building a very strong base.

2.    Better understanding of topics and lessons

Visual aids like pictures and videos are always more effective in learning. Traditional teaching methods did not utilize a lot of these resources. However, smart classroom technology is reshaping this for students. By using videos and audio clips to supplement text book lessons, teachers at some of the best schools in the city like BHS High School are setting are setting an example for others.

Students find it easier to grasp even the most difficult lessons when taught by visuals and smart classrooms make all of these possible. Since, all of this information is available in portable formats; they can be distributed among all students easily.

3.    An interactive classroom promotes better learning

It has been proven over the years that two-way communication is the healthiest. Using cybernetics technology in classrooms encourages a bi-directional communication between students and teachers. Not only does this help in better understanding of lessons but also teaches students an essential soft skill- communication.

Another advantage that smart classrooms have over traditional chalk and board setups is ease of receiving feedback from students. This method has a proven track record in making student-teacher interactions more transparent and fosters a sense of ownership and trust amongst them.

4.    A step towards a Green School

Investing in smart classrooms not just gives a comprehensive, intuitive learning condition; it is also a step towards green learning! It reduces the dependence on paper remarkably. This movement towards paper-less teaching through tablets and advanced note pads, spreads awareness of the importance of protecting Mother Nature.

The bottom line

Smart technology is a game changer in the education sector and the numerous benefits of smart classrooms is a proof. Students not only learn more effectively but also retain the information longer because of the use of visual and audio tools. It allows bringing the fun in learning and is a wise investment for all schools today. 

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