Top 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Performing Harmonics Trading

by Traders Gurukul Stock Market Training Institute

Thinking of harmonics trading? You need to know it from inside out to avoid mistakes that most traders make. Harmonic patterns could earn you serious profits in trading but only if you know how to put them right. For beginners, it might be tricky as they are harder to spot. But once you get your hands on them, you could make your investment work for you.

Let’s find out the mistakes to avoid while trading harmonic patterns. But before that let’s get you familiar with harmonics.

What is Harmonic Trading?

Want to know what exactly is harmonics trading? It’s a trading philosophy that involves looking for specific patterns that match with Fibonacci numbers.This method is somewhat different from other trading methods for technical analysis. It is focused on predicting price movement instead of reacting to them. This whole practice consists of four harmonic patterns, the Bat, The Gartley, Crab, and Cypher. You should master each one these to excel at trading using harmonics.

But before that let’s make you familiar with the mistakes to avoid during trading with harmonics:

Mistake 1: Relying on Your Eyes Over Automation

Are you acting too fast and that too believing in your eyes? It’s a big mistake most traders commit. But you should be wary of it and play it with patience. It’s because in Harmonic pattern trading needs you to find out impulse legsthat encourage an inversion. If you don’t play it right, you will start seeing patterns which aren’t there. It will make you befuddled and you will end up making a wrong move. Understand that recognizing the proper patterns is a daunting task unless you use algorithms.

Mistake 2: Ignoring the Industry Trends

Ignoring trends backfires immediately and is the biggest mistake you could make as a stock market trader. At times, harmonic patterns flash in the mid of trending market. You might get lured to make a tough call and go against the trends. But you should resist the urge to make a wrong move. Identifying reversal points and then learning from them to predict the future price movement requires you to follow the trends. Any attempt to swim against the flow might result in losses.

Mistake 3: Taking High Risks

Though Harmonic patterns trading keep the odds in your favor, still, indulging in a high-risk game is a big mistake. As a smart trader, you need to keep the risk to the lowest levels. Harmonic patterns give you a good risk-to-reward ratio but you shouldn't exploit it to gain advantage as it backfires eventually.


Stock market trading does work like a charm for most traders if you know how to leverage the harmonic patterns. Avoid pitfalls as they often become a reason for losses. Learn from the mistakes of others to make trading work for you. Invest in harmonics as they let you earn financial gains by putting mathematical calculations to work. Make a smart decision today.

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