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Businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs often have questions related to online marketing. You might find answers to most of them on the internet at different sites. Still, we decided to put some of them together for your ease in a blog. Here are top 12 chosen questions of digital marketing – Social Media marketing, Email marketing and content marketing that people invariably ask.

Can social media marketing help my business grow?

Certainly! It has been proven in recent times by many businesses if adopted tactically. On the contrary, not leveraging social media marketing may affect your business growth, since having an online presence on social media is considered an obvious business decision of any reputable firm given the popularity of those platforms.

 What are the associated costs of social media marketing? What about ROI?

Social media marketing needs some investment. Whether you decide on spending your own valuable time, having a dedicated resource or outsource the task, there is some cost associated.

What’s important is to get the maximum ROI of the resources you spent. ROI, however, doesn’t necessarily has to be in terms of revenue. It can be in the form of meeting other objectives, for e.g. finding new leads, additional email subscriptions or for that matter of fact boosting customer satisfaction. The ROI you achieved is a direct reflection of how streamlined your social media marketing strategy has been.

 Which social media platforms should I be using for my Business?

No one size fits all, because you need to keep your presence in every platform where your customers are – and various businesses have varied audiences. One demographic might spend more time on Facebook, while another engages primarily on LinkedIn, and some might even divide their time equally among multiple social media platforms. The trick is to focus your initiatives where you have the maximum density of your target audience. Follow them there.

 How can I keep a tab of my Brand value through social media marketing?

Courtesy of social media but keeping a “control” of your brand is not quite possible. Whether you directly indulge in a conversation or not, users will talk about you online and it is impossible to control their conversations. However, you can join those threads and influence them by being a part of them. Whether negative reviews or customer complaints, the way to influence your audience’s perception of your brand is to actively participate in those conversations, sound genuinely convincing and steer them in a direction you’d want.

 What are some common content marketing mistakes people make?

The most obvious content marketing mistake businesses commit is invariably embracing the old habits of traditional marketing such as writing blog posts that are overly salesy, or overtly promote the company and its products. That’s a big no-no. Content should be valuable and engaging to the reader, and sales pitches put-off. There’s a time and a place to it, surely not in your content.

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