Top 10 Tips to Achieve Success with your Mobile Game

by Sandy G. Analyst
The mobile game development market can be both rewarding and challenging, but the market promises great opportunities for game developers. Many companies like Activision and Bluehole have managed to reach the top of the mobile game industry by making stunning games. Mobile games are both the most popular and also the most profitable genre among mobile apps. As a game developer, it is very important to catch on to new gaming technologies to adapt to the market game development standards.

According to, “Mobile apps 70% of the whole revenue within the mobile app market with about 22% to 25% of the whole downloads. Mobile games constitute about 21% of all Android app downloads and 25% of all iOS app downloads.” With many investors and developers kicking off with outstanding games in 2021, this percentage is predicted to extend in 2021. 

Factors that impede mobile game success

Usually, mobile games often fail to capture their audience and acquire low scores because:

 • Lack of creativity and innovative appeal
 • Redundant monetization tactics
 • Banal features and lack of engaging elements
 • Poor user acquisition and retention
 • Complicated or confusing gameplay

How to create a successful mobile game?

Here are 10 tips that will help you develop a successful mobile game –

Choose a good partner for Mobile game development

With tens of thousands of games out there in the market, it's important to start on a positive note. it's imperative to choose a good mobile game developing company as your partner as per your budget requirement that will help build your game right from scratch with good UI and UX.

With over 12 years of gaming experience and over 60 games under its portfolio, [x]cube LABS is one of the top mobile gaming companies which can help you transform your vision to reality and take care of end-to-end strategy, design, development, and live-ops. 

Research to outsmart the competition

Given the high availability of games across different platforms, there may be some good games that are just like the one you're trying to make. This is why it's crucial to try and do serious research on your game idea to make sure it's original or has original, more appealing elements for users. Download and explore all the games that fit near the one you have got in mind.

Determine the right platform for mobile game app

After you're sure you've got a clear vision and a viable idea for the game you are trying to make, it's time to spot the most effective platform that will be most suitable for your game. Mobile Platforms like Apple Store or Google Play Store can provide a great audience for your game.

If you're muddled between iOS and Android, it's judicious to choose both platforms as long as you think your idea is resilient and functional. Choosing both platforms will mean a larger target audience and visibility which will eventually lead to more downloads.

UI/UX Design should be a stunner

You have a greater chance to draw in and interact with more users if your mobile game carries an intuitive, user-friendly, and compelling UI. While creating a more appealing user interface, ensure you don’t overwhelm users with too many complicated controls. If your game promises massive play, design a group of instructions that introduce users to the game structure and obtain them on board. Also, consider all screen sizes and determine quality well before actually designing the sport graphics to optimize the gaming experience.

Create social engagement and focus on promoting

Effective Social media campaigns with catchy tag lines or advertisements can improve customer engagement with your mobile game. People like to share victories, rewards, and performance scores with other members and connect with more users. Integrating the gaming community with a good market strategy increases community value and triggers word-of-mouth publicity.

Don’t prioritize Monetization

While building games, it's better to keep the priorities and intentions of monetization aside. Dedicate more time to make the most effective gameplay possible. Make a monetization strategy after the game is up on a platform and in demand. If you create an intuitive, well-designed, and addictive game that draws maximum users, the game will certainly earn well.

Practice relentless testing standards

One of the highest priorities should be to check the game app for bugs, crashes, and the game’s functionalities. Users don’t install the game to experience bugs or glitches in their gameplay. A draconian testing format will mean a rigorous test routine for games which will help identify the bugs sooner. Don’t limit the testing to only yourself. A beta edition might facilitate your gain insights into what customers feel about the game.

Introduce frequent updates

In order to have more customer retention and satisfaction for your mobile game is to give frequent updates to scale up the game with additional characters, levels, and essential layered elements. This will improve brand recognition. Creating relatable storylines and characters will help during the marketing and promotional campaigns. As you evolve your game constantly with new features and updates, user retention improves.


To make your mobile game achieve a wide éclat, you must constantly seek to move into new markets. Localizing the mobile game makes global distribution way more effective, rapid, and profitable. The faster you manage to reach your target audience, the better it will be for your game’s success.

Get feedback from other publishers and customers

The improvements and updates should be published keeping in mind the audience requirements. It's important to get feedback from your customers and other game developers about the gameplay, UI, game performance that may facilitate the removal of bugs and glitches to provide the players a streamlined and bug-free gaming experience.

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