Top 10 Tips And Tricks To Take Perfect Color Gel Photography Using Magmod Gels

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Top 10 Tips And Tricks To Take Perfect Color Gel Photography Using Magmod Gels

If you haven’t attempted colour gel pictures using magmod gels earlier then, this article is for you.

One of the most exciting matters you can do together with your flash is the usage of shade gels. Whether it’s with speed lights and strobes, or other mild modifiers, colouration gels can make your pix pop.

We’ll display you 10 ideas to feature cool and one of a kind colourations in your pictures which you’d by no means get with natural light.

10. Go DIY With Colored Cellophane

To help you start with flash images and colour gels, you can attempt your digital camera flash first. Check if you want it, and then try distinctive gels on outside flash devices.

It’s clean to use, it’s automated, and maximum of all, it’s already included along with your digital camera.

Now, to add colouration in your flash DIY-style, all you’ll want is a piece of cellophane.

First, reduce a small piece of cellophane slightly bigger than your pop-up flash. Then, connect it to the unit the usage of a tape or a rubber band and that’s it!

Just ensure the complete flash unit is blanketed, so the beam produces a uniform shade.

Also, coloured cellophane can occasionally be too skinny. Especially in case you’re the usage of mild hues such as yellow or orange.

So feel free to attach  to 3 layers in case you need the colour to pop.

9. Add an External Flash for Better Control Over the Coloured Beam

We inspire you to use coloured gels with external flash gadgets (e.G. A Speedlight). They’re highly cheap, compact, and easy to use.

If you’re prepared to move big, you could additionally buy strobe lighting fixtures. They’re just like speedlights, however bigger and more powerful.

An external magmod starter flash kit  will help you trade the route of the beam. Do this using tilting or turning the flash head.

Instead of just splashing mild at once onto your challenge, you may now permit it leap off a surface. That manner your model doesn’t appear like a deer in the headlights.

With an external flash, you could also manually change the intensity of the beam. Most of those devices have different modes that may be complex for an amateur.

Choose TTL (thru the lens) Mode to allow your Speedlight modify the intensity automatically. It does this in step with your digital camera’s exposure readings.

What if the resulting photograph is over or underexposed? Dial your publicity reimbursement up or right down to alternate the brightness.

You can usually use your DIY coloured cellophane in your outside flash unit. But if you need higher results, purchase an actual set of colouration magmod advanced gels on your Speedlight, rather.

A kit fees much less than 20 bucks, so it’s no longer a bad investment at all.

For the maximum element, shade gels for speed lights work the same as the coloured cellophane. Set them on the flash unit, maintain them in region with the rubber band that came with the kit and that’s it.

8. Trigger Your Flash Wirelessly

Now which you have an outside flash unit, you might need to consider investing in remote triggers. These devices attach on your digital camera and your Speedlight so you can set it off from afar.

Expensive remote triggers can price as a good deal as a few hundred bucks. But you can purchase inexpensive versions for less than 50 greenbacks.

They range in layout and features, but they paintings ordinarily the equal.

Attach your transmitter to the hot shoe of your digicam. Next, join the receiver in your flash unit. Once you press the shutter, you ought to see your Speedlight burst off.

7. Use Different Flash Positions for More Natural Light

There’s one massive benefit of wirelessly placing off your flash. You can move your light round any way you need.

No more shining a flash at once onto your issue. You can now place it at one of a kind angles, so the light looks herbal.

Make positive you use a stand to maintain your flash upright even as the usage of it. You can also set it up on a tripod if you want greater balance or elevation.

6. Try Different Colours to Create Specific Moods

Most wi-fi cause kits include at the least two receivers. You can set up two or extra photography lighting fixtures gels for your speedlights. This will upload extra colourings on your photos.

But you want to remember that not all shades work properly collectively. If you don’t understand which combinations to apply, use a colouration concept wheel for reference.

Always select shades that are complementary to each different. And ensure your colour gel evokes the right temper. For example, purple colour gel will warm up and intensify your portrait images.

A blue gel will add a hint of coldness, and an nearly eerie mood to your snapshots.

And shade correction or conversion gels effect on the colour temperature of tungsten mild, making it appear towards sunlight hours.

Make certain your flash gadgets are not too close together as they'll cancel out each other’s shades. Position them so their beams don’t blend collectively.

You can use your first Speedlite as a key mild (you are major mild). Add another one as a rim light (inside the background) to make your problem pop more.

Alternatively, you could use your flash as “floodlights”. This will envelop your model with a certain colouration.

5. Try Light Painting for More Creative Photos

Light painting is a technique where you use a small mild source. This can be a flashlight. Then you use it to scribble figures or letters inside the air.

As long as the aperture is open the entirety you draw together with your mild will occur inside the image.

Creating artwork with a flashlight is cool sufficient. But you can make it even more stunning. Try illuminating your heritage with shade gels.

It doesn’t be counted if it’s a blank wall or an automobile. The more shades you characteristic to your photograph, the higher it appears.

4. Mix Regular White Light With Color Gels

You don’t have to slap on colouration gels on every flash unit you have got. Try mixing the bare white light from the flash with lights gels.

In most situations, it’s great to use your bare flash as a key light. Since it’s white and vibrant, it brings greater interest to your situation than a colouration gel might.

Play around together with your lights and notice what works for you nice in different situations. In truth, you could even use a bare flash as a rim mild.

Make positive that it doesn’t overpower the light from the colour gel. Otherwise, you might blow out your publicity.

3. Create Atmospheric Portraits With Gels

You have a Speedlight and a far off trigger. Time to start gambling around with distinct images lighting fixtures results.

Place a coloured gel on one facet of your model’s face to create split lighting fixtures. You may even function one flash on each side of the face to mild up your problem with colours.

You can also attempt lighting patterns along with butterfly or Rembrandt. All you have to do is exchange your mild’s perspective.

You can also use your mild magmod artistic gels to illuminate your photoshoot background. Place it in the back of your difficulty, out of sight and facing the wall.

Once you trigger the far off, you must see the wall take up the colour of the gel you chose. Try the use of this with a white background or a black historical past and see the way it appears.

Whether you’re a style photographer or a portrait photographer, that is a fab trick to understand.

2. How to Turn Your Lighting Gels Into DIY Filters

If you’re into attempting new approaches of bringing colouration in pictures, you must strive the usage of your gels as lens filters. They’re massive sufficient to cowl your lens, and they do a decent process changing the colours in your photo.

For quality result, turn off your autofocus to save you your lens from attention searching. Instead, manually awareness your camera before you place a gel in the front of the glass.

It might be best to apply lighter tones so that more light can get thru. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can attempt darker sun shades as well.

Who knows, you may become with an honestly cool shot.

1. Try Gel Photography Outdoors

Artificial lights and shave gels aren't confined to a studio putting.

The identical rules apply whilst you use shade gels and flash gadgets outside. The most effective difference is that you have to be mindful of the ambient mild around you.

Unlike shooting in a studio, you may control the solar. It’s first-rate to take snapshots while it’s dark enough.

One of the satisfactory uses for shade gels outdoors is capturing portraits. In most instances, you could installation your mild device the identical manner you would indoors.

Switch your flash to TTL so it mechanically compensates for the ambient mild. If you need a brighter beam, use Manual rather and punch up your flash depth.

Apart from pix, you can also use gels to add colour to your panorama photos. Place your flash unit close to a tree, a rock or another herbal feature to feature measurement to your foreground.

Make sure you don’t region it to some distance out of your situation. Otherwise, the light from your Speedlite gained’t attain it due to the fact its beam can most effective pass up to now.


You’ve probably seen shade gel photography everywhere from style shoots and product photography, to TV shows and advertising images.

It’s a laugh way to feature interest to your photographs and cause them to stand out.

There’s nobody gel fits all. There are one million exceptional approaches to apply shade gels for your photography. So just laugh even as you’re learning.

When you notice the wild consequences colouration gel pictures creates, you’re going to want to deliver your Speedlight everywhere.

Stay Tuned in our next article we will see about how to take best lighting photography at night using magmod magsphere and magmod magbox.

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