Top 10 Adorable Dog Breeds

by Maryam Sheikh SEO Analyst

Usually weighing between five and ten pounds the miniature pinscher is classified as a toy dog. Today we'll be discussing the top ten lap dog breeds. This is a tenacious dog but this is not a tough dog to train in this list, we're looking at dogs that are small and comfortable enough to fit in your lap or maybe even your purse.

10. Boston Terrier

As its name suggests the Boston terrier is an all-American dog and it's a part of the toy group. This Bean town baby is a lot tougher than it looks. When the American gentleman was first bred in 1862 70s, it was used for pit fighting over time. Boston Terrier was bred down to the small companion dogs we know today, they're friendly and easy to train which makes them perfect therapy and family dogs. Boston terrier rarely barks but he does tend to snore because of his flat nose and short face. Still, this dog can live up to 13 years and some a little more making it a longtime. A loyal companion, it's just a really fun dog to have around boundless energy I love their attitude.

9. Pug

I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face from ancient China to Queen Victoria. These dogs were favorites of royal and it's easy to notice why those wrinkly faces are part of which makes them so adorable. But while these add into their sweet factor they need cleaning regularly to stay away from infections. Pugs tend to have all these issues like their trachea is not big enough; their nose holes are really tiny so they can't breathe as well as they should even. So the pug's affectionate nature makes it a great companion. Pugs always love to make their owners happy and have the tendency to follow their lead. They are natural couch potatoes but appreciate a good walk too. They can become fairly spunky and everything in between this versatility makes the Pug a great addition to any family.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This beautiful breed found mainstream fame after appearing on Sex in the City, turned a lizard Taylor calves come in many colors and are known for their big brown eyes. This is a breed that loves attention in more ways than one, first those wavy ears and that silky coat won't untangle them so prepared to take out the brush. They're also very affectionate and thrive on interacting with people of all ages and because they're so eager to please their owners. Training Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog can be a walk in the park. The breed is prone to heart disorders though so look into your Cavalier bloodline for any issues. All the same, Cavaliers are pampered pooches and they'll love you for it.

7. Maltese

The Maltese has been a beloved lap dog for centuries. They're usually less than 10 pounds making them easy travel buddies and are known for their long white coats and cute button noses. Maltese also don't shed a lot so if you are allergic, no worries the long show coat needs a lot of grooming but it can be kept short too. Maltese dogs are full of energy but don't need lots of exercises so they're perfect for apartment living. They are notoriously affectionate although they might be too delicate for little kids. Overall Maltese are just as friendly as they are fancy. He is probably one of the most perfect companion dogs.

6. Shih Tzu

This beauty's name comes from the Chinese word for lion Shih Tzu were originally bred as companion dogs and not much has changed since. Then their favorite spot is right beside you whether you're chilling on the couch or up for a walk while they don't need much exercise. If they do need a lot of groups, many owners choose a puppy cut to keep it simple Shih Tzu that's why you don't use it. You don't play around with that name, do you? It doesn't come tripping me up the tongue stewardess. Can I take a Shih Tzu on my carry-on or does it have to be stowed? Early training is a must with Shih Tzu since they have the tendency to become obstinate. But if you are patient and encouraging, they'll reward you with many years of unconditional love.

5. Yorkshire Terrier

Try to get this breed to believe that sure it could fit in your purse but the Yorkie is still one tough cookie. These dogs were bred to hunt rats and one was even a war hero, today your Yorkies are mostly companion dogs. Averaging five to seven pounds, you can take them almost anywhere, this small size means that your Yorkshire Terrieris prone to some health issues and genetic disorders especially if he is of the teacup variety. So if you are thinking of getting a Yorkie, check its family history first. They're still quick learners, friendly and full of energy. It's no surprise that this big dog in a lap dog body is the seventh most popular breed in the USA according to the American Kennel Club.

4. Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is one of the heavier lap dog breeds on this list. He was bred down from poodle and bar bet, they usually weigh between 10 to 20 pounds while Bichons are low shedding dogs. His hair keeps growing so he requires haircuts every 6 to 8 weeks; this might be the only downside to the breed. He is one of the healthiest dogs easily reaching his early to mid-teens. He is also fairly smart and loves flaunting his skills and because they're playful and energetic they're great with kids too. This Bichon Frise is of energy will love and entertaining for years to come.

3. Dachshund

The dachshund has stubby legs and its sausage-shaped body is unmistakable. And for good reason inside, the slop dog beats the heart of a hunter with a name that literally means badger dog. Dachshund loves following his nose. They come in two sizes standard and miniature and in three coat varieties as hunter dachshunds are brave but also quite stubborn. So it's best to train them early and yes whether it's earth or your couch. They love digging while it can suffer from slipped discs and other back problems. The dachshund is an otherwise relatively healthy breed; he can be reserved towards strangers but our loyal members of their families. This is a lap dog like no other.

2. Pomeranian

We feel the same way generally these little furballs are cute and cuddly but they weren't always that small in the 1700s. The weight of Pomeranians was around 40 pounds largely, gratefully to Queen Victoria who preferred a twelve-pound cutie. The breed is now the four to seven-pound lap dog we know and love. There's a lot of energy in that tiny body so poms are very agile dogs, they are also social butterflies so they work well with human families. While pom is well-known to bark a lot it can be controlled if he is trained early. Whether they're running laps or sitting on your lap, Pomeranian proves that good things come in small packages.

1. Chihuahua

Our top dog is also the smallest of them all from Tinker Bell to Taco Bell. The Chihuahua is a pop culture darling while those two had short tan hair. Chihuahuas may possess long coats either way grooming is easy as well. Chihuahua can be tiny but he thinks that he is big so owners ought to be careful around other small kids and dogs. But in this tiny body is a powerful brain which you ought to train him earlier. The better chihuahuas are also known for being very close to their owners and these are long friendships if they're healthy and they can live up to 20 years inside.

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