Tips to Choose Right Jewelry for Any Outfit

by Gilda By Gradiva Women's Diamond Jewelry

A good outfit plays a pivotal role in everyday life. Your outfit reflects your personality to others without you saying anything. Jewelry is an essential part to completes your outfit. Jewelry enhances the look of your outfit and makes it even more attractive. In such ways,  jewelry can both make and break the look of your entire outfit. They can transform your simple plain outfit into fabulously attractive that grabs everyone's attention. Similarly, it can also ruin the entire look of a fancy outfit if chosen with the wrong jewelry. Jewelry has been part of our culture for thousands of years. 


Jewelry is the timeless classic accessory that not only completes but also enhances the look of your outfit. It is no secret that every woman loves to have jewelry in their collection. However, pairing the right kind of jewelry with your outfit can be tricky when you have so many options available. Many times, we end up wearing the wrong jewelry that ruins the look of our outfit. Therefore, it is pivotal to know which jewelry should go with which outfit? If you struggle to wear the right jewelry with the right outfit, don't worry; we got you covered. From pairing your star diamond earrings with your favorite Little Black Dress to matching your statement ring with an everyday casual outfit, these tips will help you to choose the right jewelry for your outfit. 


1- The Jewelry Size


Your jewelry size must match the size of your outfit. Small Jewelry pieces can get overshadowed if paired with a loose casual outfit. Similarly, very large size jewelry may look a bit over-accessorizing and end up ruining the look of your outfit. Small and simple jewelry such as star diamond earrings matched with the pattern and design of the outfit, is the key in selecting the best jewelry pieces for your outfit. 


2- Matching the print of outfit 


Matching the right jewelry with the print and design of your outfit is pivotal in selecting the right jewelry for you. You should always consider wearing a necklace or earrings that match the print of your dress. For example, avoid wearing circular hoop earrings with a printed floral dress. If you want to elevate the look of your outfit, then it is essential to go for the same design of jewelry as the shape of your outfit. 


3- Avoid wearing too much jewelry


This is a big misconception that 'the more jewelry you wear, the more attractive you will look.' However, this is entirely wrong. Often, simple jewelry pieces give you a minimalistic yet elegant look to your outfit. Balancing your outfit with the small shiny jewelry pieces subtlety adds charm and grace to your looks. Wearing too much jewelry can completely ruin the look of your outfit. It is always recommended to avoid wearing too much jewelry. 


4- Know your skin tone 


Your skin tone is an important factor to consider while choosing the right jewelry. Knowing your skin tone helps in selecting the colors that look good on you. Your skin tone is as essential in selecting the right jewelry as your outfit. Silver color looks good on almost all skin types. Your skin tone and the type of outfits in your clothes will help you decide which jewelry will suit you best. It is pivotal to invest in jewelry that is comfortable to wear and resonates with your style also. 


5- Matching jewelry color with outfit 


Color is a crucial factor in determining the jewelry for your outfit. Commonly, gold and silver jewelry goes well with any outfit. Choosing the same color of jewelry as your outfit is a common way to accessorize. However, if you want to experiment with your style, then trying different jewelry colors is always a nice idea. You can take inspiration and ideas on carrying off the jewelry from the fashion models by observing them.


6- Check your Neckline 


Your neckline plays a crucial role in determining which type of necklace will look good on you. Therefore, it is essential to always check the neckline of your outfit before wearing your favorite necklace. A good necklace looks good only when it is matched with the neckline of your outfit. Pairing jewelry on an opposite neckline outfit can throw off the entire look of your outfit. Similarly, wearing the right necklace with a neckline can complement and enhance the look of your outfit.


7 -Trying out different things 


The best way to build the perfect jewelry-outfit combo is to explore different jewelry styles with different outfits. You will only be able to choose the best jewelry when you have the confidence to experiment with your style. Your style determines your personality and the way you choose to carry your outfit with jewelry. Trying out different things will help you come out of your comfort zone and explore different types of jewelry. You must know the occasion for which you are wearing jewelry. Keeping yourself updated with the trend will help you choose the new trendy jewelry pieces such as criss-cross diamond ring rose gold


Final words 


Jewelry has always been a crucial ornament in enhancing the look of an outfit. Jewelry represents the culture and tradition of many societies. They are associated with prestige and wealth in society. Women love to flaunt jewelry with their dresses. Choosing the right jewelry from so many different options can be an overwhelming process. Many times we end up pairing the wrong jewelry with the outfits. This ends up ruining the entire look of the outfit, instead of elevating it. It is crucial always to choose the best Jewelry pieces that go well with your outfit. There are plenty of factors that can determine your jewelry- outfit combos. Selecting the jewelry based on occasion is the first step. You should always look for jewelry that matches your personality and feel comfortable wearing. Jewelry like the criss cross diamond ring rose gold is very trendy these days. 

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