Tips for Taking Care of Your Luxury Towels

by Brodie Freeman Marketing Manager

Wrapping up in soft towels prior to bath is such a comfort isn’t it? But often after the bath we tend to lose our affections for them. Towels are probably the most neglected daily use linens in our homes. Moreover, bath towels, especially Cotton Bath Towels, could actually be pretty costly and hence to save your money spent on buying new towels again and again, you could start taking care of the one that you have. Luxury towels whether stacked up inside a closet or hung on a towel bar, add on to the aesthetics of the household. But often underlying the external beauty noticed from afar off, they lie hidden the ragged edges, stains and hushed colors. However, cleaning and washing towels could ensure them being long-lasting and also allow them to stay cleaner.

The following article is to remind you that towels too are linens which need care and you need to keep your towels plush and robust.

·         To avoid ‘pills’ from being formed on your towels, it is advised that you wash them along with other towels. Now, if you haven’t heard the word ‘pills’ ever, we’ll ease things out for you! When you wash towels with other varieties of linens, fibers of other linens mingled with the fibers from the towels thereby causing little cruxes to form on the towels. These nubs can also be formed resulting from over drying. Therefore, avoid ‘pills’ formation by washing towels with towels and allowing the amount of drying necessary (not more, not less).

·         Another little something to keep in mind is that, try not to wash and dry too many towels at the same time.  Washing too many towels at one time could harm your washing machine and will intervene with the drying as being overstuffed; air would not be able to enter the dryer and hence would cause fibers to mat down thereby making your towels to become stiff. Therefore, try washing and drying towels in little quantities.

·         Next, use half a cup of vinegar to wash new towels prior to using them for the very first time. This ensures the colors and dyes to remain irrepressible and by going through the cycle of laundry reduces its shedding off of fibbers.

·         In order to keep the colors intact, wash colored towels with similar other colored towels in warm water. The washings must include half the suggested amount of detergent along with half to a cup of white vinegar to the wash-water. The vinegar added to the water prevents fading and accumulation of excess detergent residue.

·         In case you are using softener, try using as per the given directions. However use softener only after three to four washes. This is because waxy buildup from softeners can deteriorate the towel fibers over a period of time and lessen the absorbency of the towel.

·         While hanging your towel, try to allow them to be hung naturally. This means that you should shake the towel as soon as you take it out of the washer in order to prevent it from stiffening post-drying. To get additional fluffiness, you’ll have to line dry and then place them in the dryer with two clean tennis ball for a period of five to ten minutes.

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