Three Fun Facts About the Inflatable Tube Man

by Kevin Smith Author

Chances are you've seen a wacky waving tube man at least once. Whether you were heading to a car dealership to pick out a new ride, or checking out the grand opening celebration of a brand new business, you've probably noticed these eye-catching inflatables. Many companies nowadays are choosing to use an inflatable tube man, or even several of the friendly figures, to draw attention to their business and welcome new customers! Let's take a look at three fascinating facts about these wacky waving characters, including the origins of such advertising methods and their rise in popularity. 


First things first, it's always great to understand just how popular these inflatable tube men are, and why. Not only are they recognizable and easy to see, but they are also effective in driving traffic to local businesses. Available in many sizes and colors, inflatable tube men make the perfect addition to any business or organization that wants to extend its reach and attract a new audience. Retail stores, restaurants, vehicle dealerships, fitness centers, summer camps and more are all using these inflatable tube men, also known as air dancers, to get their message across!


It's quite interesting to think about where the original idea for inflatable tube men came from. If you're wondering who decided that these funny flailing figures would be good advertising material, the answer is a well-known artist from Trinidad named Peter Minshall. He originally designed festive puppets for Carnival events, and eventually he was commissioned for a bigger project. When asked to put together the opening ceremony for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA, Minshall designed the air dancers as we know them today! His design was made possible with the help of engineer Doron Gazit. Now these inflatable tubes bring personality and pizazz to businesses across the country. 


After Gazit was awarded the patent for the design, inflatable tube men began showing up everywhere. Now it would be impossible to deny the prominence of these advertising products, as there are air dances properly positioned at retailers and businesses throughout the US and even the world.

The future looks bright for these air dancers, as the power of an electrical fan makes them attractive and appealing. The fan blows air throughout the fabric tube, which gives it that delightful dancing look. If you're considering an inflatable tube man for your business venture, you shouldn't have to worry too much about finding one, because they are only becoming more and more popular!


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