Things to do and Places to visit in North East India

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North East India

Northeast India is shrouded in mystery, being among the least visited locations in the nation. But thanks to the efforts of the respective state governments, tourism has actually slowly progressed in the last decade. Most of the Northeast is populated by tribals with distinct culture and traditions. That in itself presents a fascinating element for keen travellers. For me, touring the Northeast was like going to a foreign land.

The issues and difficulties of the Northeast are far too serious to go unnoticed. Apart from unattainable roads, the revolt issues have warded off many individuals from entering this area. In some states like Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and so on, issues of insurgency don't come up, but these states are also marred by generalization and superficial knowledge of the Northeast area. The majority of tourists simply choose not to put their life at threat.

While taking a trip through the eigth northeastern states, I learned that the location is not as inaccessible as it has actually always been predicted. I covered around 8,000 km by roadway, mainly on rough roadways. The roadways are teasing and present an obstacle for any visitor. Once you reach the location, you forget all about the roadways.

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Here is a peek at the obstacles and tourist destinations in each state:

1. Assam

Assam is the most accessible and one of the largest states in the Northeast. The Brahmaputra River runs through the length of the State and becomes an essential part of the state. On my travel I followed the river upstream from Guwahati to Dibrugarh. By the end of the journey I was extremely much familiarized with the biggest river in India. To me the river ended up being the biggest destination. Assam has a rich biodiversity and the state is understood for the popular one-horn rhino discovered just found at the Kaziranga National Park in India. The park is house to multitude of animals like tiger and elephant. Assam has some of the very best tea gardens in the nation. A see to a tea garden and tea factory at Jorhat or Dibrugarh is a needs to thing perform in Assam. No authorization is needed while travelling in Assam. Assam can be quickly travelled by road.

Things to Do and Best Places to Visit in Assam

Agni Garh Fort

Positioned about 189 km from Guwahati, this spectacular fort is among the leading attractions in Assam. With 'Agni' indicating fire and 'Garh' indicating fort, the name of this fort actually means Fortress of Fire. Legend is that the fort was developed by devil King Bana in order to keep his daughter Usha in privacy. Etched with remarkable styles, the architecture of the fort put on top of a hill is sensational to see, to state the least. This magnificent fort is among the finest historic places to check out in Assam.

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This historical town located about 360 km north-east of Guwahati is one of the most spectacular places to check out when going to on inexpensive last minute flights. Dotted with well-known ancient temples such as Sivadol, Vishnu Dole, Devidol, and Joy Dole, Sivasagar is a vital historical region to check out. Amongst its well-known tourist attractions is the Joysagar tank which was dug by King Rudra Singh in memory of Joymoti, his mother, who provided her life in order to conserve the Ahom Kingdom from an evil, overbearing King.


Renowned for being the biggest River Island in Asia, Majuli is an incredible location to go to in Assam. Popular for its biodiversity, the island is home to numerous destinations apart from its unique plants and fauna. There are numerous abbeys set up by followers of Sankaradeva which support and nurture Assamese music, dance kinds, and drama to name a few things. With such remarkable things to provide its visitors, the river island of Majuli is among the most beautiful locations to check out in Assam.

Kaziranga National Park

Among the most well-known wildlife sanctuaries in India, Kaziranga National Park is a fantastic place to visit when showing up on cheap organisation class flights. This is an especially fantastic place to visit if you're traveling with kids as you'll have the fantastic opportunity to find unique wildlife such as Rhinoceros, Tigers, Deers, wild Buffaloes and Leopards to name a few. The park is an exceptionally stunning place to visit encompassing about 150 perennial water bodies packed with an abundant collection of unique marine animals.

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Kamakhya Temple

The exceptional Kamakhya Temple is amongst the most well-known religious websites to check out in Assam. The temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeethas found in the Indian subcontinent and is strategically constructed on top of the hills. This is considered the most hallowed seat of the Goddess of Tantrik sect, Devi Kamakhya, and the main seat is found underground. Ratings of pilgrims and travelers alike visit this ancient temple routinely. There is a holy pond inside the temple complex in addition to the shrines of Bhairava, Das Mahavidya, Gauri, and Ganesha to name a few.

River Lobha

One of the leading things to do and see in Assam is a see to the sensational River Lobha. The unique thing about this river which makes its way throughout the roadway to Silchar from Shillong is the unbelievable truth that it changes color. The incredible sight of this serpentine river altering colors in addition to the seasons is an experience one should not miss out on. During winter seasons, this impressive river is known to become mesmerizing shades of blue and green.

Tea plantations of Jorhat

Among the biggest tea producers in India, Assam is the finest location to go to if you wishes to see some spectacular tea plantations. While every other corner of the state is packed with light or thick tea plantations, the tea plains at Jorhat are amongst the best ones to check out. With a best mix of old-world appeal and the contemporary age, the town intrigues visitors with its plantations on lush green slopes. When here, check out the Tocklai Tea Research Institute which is devoted to the invention of tea with diverse flavors.

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2. Nagaland

Nagaland is a tribal state with major insurgency problems in the past. But the intro of Hornbill Festival 10 years back appeared to have altered the face of Nagaland tourist and people's outlook towards Nagaland. The Hornbill Festival is one of the fastest growing festivals in India. This annual celebration, held at the Kisama village in the first week of December, gets a great deal of foreign travelers. Hornbill festival showcases the different tribal cultures and traditions of Nagaland.

Nagaland, being a sloping state, is difficult to take a trip. There are numerous remote places even today, which present an amazing aspect of tribal tourism. Travellers here can visit the native villages and see their lifestyle.

Things to do in Nagaland

Go trekking

As Nagaland is mainly mountainous, travelling should certainly belong of your things to do list here. The Dz√ľkou Valley trek is a popular one here. Others places that you can travel to are: Veda Peak, Japfu Peak, Saramati Peak (a part of which falls in Myanmar). A carpet of wildflowers can be discovered on the majority of these courses, which are visually delightful! Satoi Range is another pristine location, and a nature fan's paradise.

Lose yourself among the falls and the streams

Triple Falls, situated in the Seithekima Village at a height of 280 ft, is a charming 3-tiered waterfall, which merges into a natural swimming pool. This cascading waterfall has rather a calming effect on the mind. Dzulekie Stream is a charming and attractive picnic area in Nagaland. Streaming from a narrow canyon, the stream permeates underground in some places. Surrounded by hills, the location appears like a stunning painting!

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Into the wild

If you love the wild, a visit to the sanctuary in Nagaland is a must. The Ntangki National Park (Intanki) and Kohima Zoo are popular zoological parks here. Ntangki National Park inhabits the rare hoolock gibbon, golden langur, hornbill, palm civets, black stork, tiger, white-breasted kingfisher, screen lizard, python and sloth bear. The greatest destination in Kohima Zoo is the Tragopan bird, which are Nagaland's state bird and an endangered species.

Endeavor to the past

Like every location in India, Nagaland too has a history to tell. You can see history unfold at a number of places. The War Cemetery in Kohima was developed in remembrance of the British and Indian soldiers who provided up their lives during the Second World War against the Japanese. The Cemetery has some really popular epitaphs. The Kachari Ruins in Dimapur are yet another archaeological site, which go back to the 10th Century. The Kachari Ruins are a series of mushroom domed pillars. One can also witness the culture of Nagaland by checking out the Kohima Museum.

Unique Villages

The Kisama Heritage Village, Diezephe Craft Village, Touphema Tourist Village are some towns that a person should definitely check out when in Nagaland. The Kisama village is a heritage and cultural complex and the finest place to understand about the culture of Nagaland. The Diezephe Craft Village is house to excellent weavers and artisans. Outstanding wood carvings and bamboo and walking stick handicrafts can be seen here. And apart from seeing the finished items, one can also witness what goes into the making of the product. Touphema Tourist Village is located on a mild hillock with scenic views of the environments. One can taste regional food and homemade rice beer here.

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While these are the things that you definitely mustn't miss in Nagaland, we need to include that there are a lot more that you can delight in. For the adventure hunters, mountain cycling is a must. The shopaholics should check out the Naga Bazaar. And last however not the least interesting is a see to Mount Tiyi, which has actually supernatural legends associated with it.

3. Manipur

Manipur is the easternmost state of India on the border with Myanmar. The capital of Manipur, Imphal, is a valley surrounded by hills on all sides. Manipur is best understood for Loktak, the biggest fresh water lake in India as well as the only floating lake worldwide due to its floating phumdis. It is also known for Sangai, a threatened antler found just in Manipur. Manipur was an independent kingdom before it ended up being a state in the Indian union in 1972. The Kangla Fort, the king's palace, is now a significant tourist attraction. The Ema market at Imphal is likewise the biggest market run completely by ladies in India. The hills surrounding Imphal Valley are inhabited by tribals. To obtain a glance of the abundant culture and tradition, the very best time visit Manipur is during festivals.

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Top Places to Visit and Things to Do in Manipur


You get a stimulating feel, while on the streets of Imphal that are thumped and throbbed by dynamic crowd all through the day. The city is frequently cluttered with suppliers offering quite interesting things to buy like spices, puppets and ngari, a fermented fish. However, you will experience happiness in Imphal as it is also a scenic city that has rich heritage websites dotting it. Perhaps, Imphal can be considered as one of the leading tourist locations in India because it provides whatever from culture to nature, and from wildlife to experience to all its visitors.


Adorned with rich forests and stretching grasslands, Bishnupur is a popularpilgrimage location in Manipur. This holy town has lots of fascinating temples and relics. Here, the pilgrims and tourists can hang around exploring the religious treasures in temples like Pancha Ratana, Susunia Pahar, Dal Madol, Shyamrai Temple, Jor Bangla Temple. Apart from the temple tour in Bishnupur, if you go further, around 25 kilometres, you can likewise go to the well-known tourist destination, Keibul Lamjao National Park situated near the Loktak Lake.

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You will for surely feel delighted exploring Thoubal, which provides an incredible view of Imphal city and River Thoubal from its acme. The charm of this humble town lies in the aligned bamboo trees, and the Louis Lake, where you can take pleasure in boating. You can likewise check out the Thoubal Market to purchase some mementos, and spend a quality time amidst nature in the vicinity of Ikop Lake.


This charming little hamlet, Ukhrul resembles a breath of fresh air. This is an attractive destination that advises one of an English countryside; in fact, it is certainly one of those places where you can romance with your partner. Ukhrul is likewise one of the best hiking locations in Manipur, as it has travelling tracks that are so beautiful that you may never ever wish to return. While here, there are other stunning sites to keep one accompanied.


Despite its great loss and destruction due to the bombarding by the Japanese, Churachandpur has handled to keep undamaged its flawless beauty. Even today, the location is perfect for a trip in Manipur. Churchandpur is the second biggest city in the state and has a deep historical significance. The city preserves a big part of its rich history in its Tuibuong Tribal Museum.

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Come take a walk in the middle of the surreal nature in Senapati, a lesser recognized location in Manipur. Its picturesque landscape decorated with shimmering serpentine streams and rugged mountains produce a place that is no less than a paradise on earth. Senapati also stores diverse flora and fauna, and is yet another finest hiking destination in Manipur. Nevertheless, while you are here, hang around basking in the greens and in the middle of the ferns, and pay attention to the best melody of the nature.


During your trip in Manipur, Tamenglong is among the must check out locations. And the answer to exactly what makes Tamenglong a paradise for visitors seeking bliss, is the existence of wonderful mixture of unusual herbs, spices, waterfalls, lakes and meadows. It is a place that lots of people want to call 'the land of the Hornbill' as many species of this unique bird can be discovered here. Tamenglong's charm is such that any nature enthusiast would desire to settle here, simply put; this location to see in Manipur is the Mecca for nature enthusiasts.

4. Mizoram

I discovered it quite surprising that Mizoram is among the least took a trip states in the Northeast. Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, is a well developed city with good hotels and dining establishments. In the evening the city sparkles and I had actually never seen such a beautiful city in India. Government-run guest homes can be found at almost every tourist location and they are well kept. It makes travel a lot simpler in Mizoram. There are lots of pristine forests and hills in Mizoram, and the rich culture and custom of numerous tribals residing in Mizoram make this state a great destination for tourists.

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Things to Do in Mizoram


It is the capital of Mizoram and is a beautiful old city located on high hills. The piece de resistances here are the Durtlang Hills, Bara Bazaar, Mizoram State Museum, and Solomon's Temple. Reiek is a resort suggested for tourists which is 45 km south of Aizawl.


It is the second largest city of Mizoram and is an apt place for nature lovers. You can also go to the stone bridge Lung-lei after which the city has actually been called. Apart from this there is the Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Saikuti Hall where a great deal of artists exhibit their paintings as well as conducts concerts and events.


It is a beautiful town in the middle of Mizoram. The piece de resistance here is the Vantawng Falls, and is the greatest waterfall in the state. It is positioned in Vanva River and is surrounded by lush plant.


It is primarily flat land which uses a spectacular view of the surrounding hills. Some of the popular location to visit here are, Murlen National Park which consists numerous species of mammals, birds, medical plants and flowers likewise Rih Dil, a lake which is a kilometer long and 70 meters wide.

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Palak Dil

It is positioned at Phura Village and is 4oo km from Aizawl. You can spot a huge series of exotic types of plants and fauna. It is likewise a migrating point for Pintail Duck.

Hmuifang Tlang

It is a hill which is around 1524m high, 50 km from Aizawl and is a best location for mountain cycling. For those seeking an experience you simply can't miss this place. The tracks are quite challenging so you much better get ready for some adventure. The numerous routes which can be checked out are Trail Baktawng, Trail Sialsuk, and Trail Lungleng. For the not so skilled bike riders you can explore the hill top of Chawilung/Hmuifang/Sumsuih/ Thiak village.


It is situated at Chhimtuipui District near Myanmar border. It is the greatest mountain peak in Mizoram. It is also called the 'House of Gods' being surrounded by an arena filled with rich plants like orchids, herbs and animals. The green blanket of the hills will refresh you at a look with its charm.

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5. Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is among the most remote and geographically the biggest state in the Northeast. A large part of the state is under forest cover. Steep mountains and thick forests makes it tough to take a trip from one part of the state to another. Traveling from Along to Tawang resembled taking a trip in between two different nations. The topography modifications totally from evergreen forests to snow-covered mountains! Arunachal Paradesh is likewise populated by numerous tribals. The Tawang Monastery, the largest abbey at Tawang, is a huge destination. The Ziro Valley is a beautiful valley occupied by the Apatani people, distinct tribal individuals. There are as many as 10 travel circuits in Arunachal Pradesh. It shows the scope of tourism in the State.

Things to Do in Arunachal Pradesh

Get Spiritually Awakened at Tawang Monastery

Located in the city of Tawang, the Tawang Monastery is the biggest monastery in the nation and the 2nd biggest worldwide. Dating back to the late 1600s, this three-story structure is positioned on a mountain ignoring the Tawang River at a height of 3,048 metres. With sweeping views of snow-capped mountains set versus dense green forests, the monastery is as picturesque as it is spiritual. Within the compound, there are 17 gompas along with many vibrant thangkas, mandalas, sacred Tibetan scripts and a statue of Buddha that is over five and a half metres high seated in a lotus position.

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See Red Pandas at Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park covers 1985 square kilometers in the Eastern Himalayas. The largest safeguarded biodiversity location, the plants and fauna here is varied and consists of plentiful species of wildlife and birds. Among big felines like tigers and leopards in addition to gibbons, black bears and elephants are one of the park's most notable homeowners-- the red pandas. Also referred to as red cat bears, these endangered arboreal mammals can just be discovered in a few forests in Northeast India.

Trek in the Bombdila-Tawang Area The Bombdila-Tawang location is brimming with terrain perfect for trekking and treking. With verdant forested acreage dotted with waterfalls, you may likewise unexpectedly find yourself amidst a remote tribal town with welcoming hosts. The routes range from unwinded to strenuous, and there's a pathway for any and everyone happy to explore the area.

Rock Out at the Ziro Music Festival

Identified as the country's 'greatest outdoor music celebration', music fans throng to the remote valley of Ziro every year for the Ziro Festival of Music. A heady four-day event of music, art and culture all under one stage, the celebration showcases the skill of independent artists throughout the nation. Ziro valley is located at a height of over 1,700 metres, making it a sensational place for the celebration.

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Be Mesmerised at Madhuri Lake

Likewise understood as Sangester Tso, locals fondly call it Madhuri Lake as an ode to the Bollywood starlet, Madhuri Dixit who went to the lake. Developed as a result of an earthquake and flash floods in 1950, the lake is en route the Bum La Pass near the Indo-China border at an elevation of over 5,000 metres. Not easily available due to challenging climatic conditions, checking out Madhuri Lake also needs a permit from the Indian Army. But all the effort is well worth the beautiful beauty that awaits you.

6. Tripura

Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh on the west and the south. A little closer to the tropics, Tripura is warmer than other Northeastern states. Tripura is remotely travelled, and the large number of immigrants has actually contributed to the issue as the tribals populating the state have been pressed to the fringes. Places like Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary and Dumboor Lake present an abundant diaspora of wildlife and nature. Historic monoliths like the Udaipur palace and Neermahal are essential destinations in Tripura.

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Things to Do in Tripura

Temple and Masjid Trip in Tripura

If you are checking out Tripura, there are a number of religious places that you can plan to visit. The majority of locations are covered in a field trip or you can also remain there as there are numerous hotels and resorts readily available for lodging. The popular religious places one can go to consist of Jagannath Temple, Tripurasundari temple, and Kamala sagar temple, Unakoti, Buddha Shrine and Gedu Miar Masjid. A brief description of the religious places is below:

Tripurasundari Temple

This temple in Udaipur constantly tops the list. Built throughout 1501, in this Goddess Kali temple, there is a consistent circulation of pilgrims throughout the year. You will find many tortoises, moving around, and no one damages them.

Jagannath Temple

This is among the 4 temples surrounding Ujjayanta Palace substance. This temple's grand sculptured portico will advise you of a wedding-cake architecture painted in ice cream colors.

Kamala Sagar

A couple of kilometers far from Agartala, at the Bangladesh border, is a large lake "Kamala Sagar" which is also popular for Goddess Kali temple also called Kamaleshwari Temple.

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This is an auspicious area to check out surrounded by mountains, 178kms from Agartala. There are 1 less than 1 crore sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses made on the mountains. You cannot miss this historic marvel and definitely the waterfall. You can likewise check out Unakoti throughout the Ashakastami festival when there is a huge fair held.

The Temple of 14 Gods

This is a tribal temple with idols of heads of 14 Gods. Legend states these 14 Gods were 14 martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their mom land. The names of the Gods were then kept based on 14 Hindu Gods names in a random manner. There is a huge fair annually in this temple.

Gedu Miar Maszid

Advantageous looks with stone works and efficiently done architecture is worth visiting. The night views are extremely attractive.

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