The Overload Operation of Diesel Generator Set

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Overload operation of diesel generator set is a very unsafe operation, strictly prohibit overload operation. So what is the damage for diesel generator set overload? Starlight Power thinks overload operation is not only consumes much more diesel fuel, but also causes faults of diesel generator set.

Overload: operating diesel generator beyond the rated capacity of the generator, in this conditions, will causes an overload condition.

There are several types of overload to consider:

A. Catastrophic: something has gone very wrong. There may be a phase to phase short or two shorts to ground. This assumes you have an ungrounded system. With luck the main circuit breaker will open without destroying itself;

B. Steady state over current: The load on the generator is greater than the rating on the circuit breaker. Time to parallel in another generator or shed load;

C. Transient over current: Suppose you were running two generators in parallel and one failed. The remaining machine may experience an over current condition that causes the breaker to trip. You can also have transient breaker trips upon activation of a large motor e.g., fire pump or bow thruster;

D.Thermal: There is a big difference in sea water temperature as you travel the world. It is possible to have an overload caused by the diesel engine’s inability to shed heat in the tropics. Continued operation could damage the diesel. Again, parallel in another generator or shed load.

General reality, the load of diesel generating set is 80% of the rated load, and the fuel consumption is the smallest. If the load increases, the fuel consumption will increase, and the fuel consumption of diesel generating set is proportional to the load. But if when load less than 20%, not only the fuel consumption will substantially raise, but also damage diesel generator set

Therefore, if want to reduce fuel consumption, we can let diesel generator run at load about 80% of the rated load, long time load will increase fuel consumption, even damage diesel generator. So should remember do not let diesel generator load for a long time, otherwise, easy to cause faults.

The faults for diesel generator set overload operation:

1.Easy to damage air cylinder of diesel engine;

2.Easy to cause increasing heat load and mechanical load, which cylinder liners bear;

3.Supercharger of super silent diesel generator set becomes red, the supercharger will be damaged for a long-term high temperature;

4.Also easy to cause pull cylinder and burn tile faults etc.

If we ignore follow problems, also will cause the genset overload, such as follows: 

1. When purchase 100kw generator set, buy 100kw standby power genset directly, long-term overload operation will damage the diesel genset;

2. Poor heat dissipation. Because the fan of the engine can not blow away the heat of the water tank, so that making the water temperature rise. As a result, the temperature of lubricating oil also rises, which resulting in insufficient oil pressure and poor lubrication. Damage of moving parts, such as pulling cylinder, piston and bearing bush, will affect the normal operation of engine;

3. Maintenance issues. Failure to maintain on time results in dirty oil, reduced viscosity and blocked filter, which resulting in insufficient lubrication, and damage of moving parts lead to greater failure of the diesel generator set. Because of the quality problems of diesel oil, the diesel filter will be blocked, the fuel supply will not be smooth, and the genset will not have enough load. We should do the first maintenance when the genset first operate 50 hours, after every 200 hours to replace oil, oil filters, diesel filters. Air filters are regularly checked for ambient dust. Replace immediately if there is a problem;

4.Personnel care problem. No matter how good a machine or equipment is, if the responsible person does not take care of it, the machine will not last long. It is also very important to check all the machine's startup, check regularly during operation, and make a good record of checking.   

Overload operation is very damage to diesel generator set, because long-term overload operation will accelerate the damage of parts, and very easy to cause faults. So after we use the genset, we need to maintain it in time, Starlight Power tell you how to maintain the genset:

1.Clean dirt on iron filter element. The iron filter element of air filter is difficult to clean with diesel oil. If the filter element can be ignited and burned by sticking diesel oil, after the fire is extinguished, use a wooden stick to knock the iron filter element to make fireworks fall off, and the dirt inside and outside the filter element can be thoroughly removed.

2.Oil leakage due to wear and tear of high pressure tubing. If there is oil leakage due to wear and tear of the connection between protrusions at both ends of high pressure fuel pipe and injector, oil outlet valve of diesel engine, can cut off a round copper sheet from the waste cylinder gasket, and wore and slip a small hole in the middle, then pad between the convex pits.

When use diesel generator set, we should pay attention to use the right operation, do not let the generator overload and maintain in time, so that the generator set will have a long service life.

Starlight Power Deutz diesel generator set power range: 26kw-660kw.

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