The New Genesis: New Book Proves Earth & Humanity are the “Greatest Experiment” of Extraterrestrials

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The New Genesis: New Book Proves Earth & Humanity are the “Greatest Experiment” of Extraterrestrials

Written by noted physicist, Dr Wojciech K. Kulczyk, ‘The New Genesis: The greatest experiment on Earth’ cuts through the traditional opposing arguments of creation and evolution, to prove that extraterrestrial intelligence was involved in the genesis of intelligent life on Earth. Dr Kulczyk came to this amazing realization after observing extraterrestrial technology with his own eyes; an event that has now inspired him to show humanity they’re not only part of a purposefully-designed experiment, but are under constant watch from those conducting it. It’s a new paradigm unlike anything proposed before.


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United Kingdom – Dr Wojciech K. Kulczyk’s theory may be new to everyone, but he is adamant he has every shred of evidence required to qualify it.

In short, Dr Kulczyk has proof that Earth was carefully selected to harbor life by extraterrestrial beings. In his new book, ‘The New Genesis: The greatest experiment on Earth’, the evidence is laid bare.


In his latest book, The New Genesis, the author aspires to achieve an almost impossible objective, to explain one of the deepest mysteries which man has always wanted to uncover: the origins of life and man on Earth. He asks the question, ‘‘Is life on Earth such an improbable phenomenon and something quite unique?” The main tenet of this book is to show that life on Earth is so unbelievably complex that it could not have arisen spontaneously, nor could have evolved into intelligent organisms as a result of random mutations. Such life could only have arisen as the result of a purposeful design. The author proposes that intelligent life on Earth was the result of a well planned long term experiment. It was not the outcome of supernatural forces but the product of beings which are very different from us. The book takes a holistic approach to the genesis of life. It starts with the selection of a suitable planet and the necessary adjustments to its orbit, followed by bringing just the right amount of water to its surface. The development of life went through several stages which are still not plausibly explained by evolution, ending with the incredibly complex human brain. The actual process of genesis was not as described in religious literature. Quite the opposite. It was a very protracted and intricate process lasting about 4 billion years. The book proposes a hypothesis which many may find hard to accept: The beings responsible for the experiment on Earth are supervising it from close quarters. The book provides convincing evidence of their involvement on Earth. The hypotheses presented in this book are based on current scientific knowledge and support a materialistic world view where no supernatural phenomena are considered. All the arguments presented here are based on the rational analysis of well known events and on proven facts. This book explains the origins of life and man using rational methodology, and as such should be acceptable to both atheists and believers alike.

“I wrote this book because I observed a very intricate display which proved that extraterrestrials are beyond doubt involved with life on Earth,” explains the author, who has also published three books, 9 scientific publications and 15 patents - covering the development of life, the dawn of ancient civilizations and the origin of religions. “All the evidence now points to one irrefutable conclusion – that life on Earth was carefully planned, designed and engineered.”

Continuing, “To put it bluntly, there was no gradual lengthy process of evolutionary development, as we have all been led to believe. After reading my book, readers will be as sure of this as I am.”

Early reviews have been impressive. One reader writes, “This book explains what I have had a hunch about for a while (in scientific detail, yet approachable to the layman). Well done.”

‘The New Genesis: The greatest experiment on Earth’ is available now:

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About the Author:

Wojciech K. Kulczyk was born in 1940 in Poland where he studied electronics at the Technical University of Warsaw. After graduating he joined the Bionics Section of the Polish Academy of Sciences where he worked on biological systems. In 1967 he arrived in England where in 1971 was awarded a Ph.D. at the University of Surrey, Guildford, where his work was supported by a grant from The Royal Society. His professional career as a physicist includes research and development work at Universities and in industry. He is the author of three books, 9 scientific publications and 15 patents. His interests include biology, the development of life, ancient civilizations and religions. He is an agnostic and does not accept conclusions unsupported by proper scientific evidence. He rejects the existence of supernatural forces as well as blind evolution, while accepts that many phenomena cannot be explained by present scientific knowledge. This attitude led him to his work on the genesis of life and resulted in his latest book The New Genesis.

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