The Most Promising 2019 Web App Ideas For Your Start-up Business

by Arthor Alberto
In the early days of internet, creating a simple website or inception of a web application idea was sufficient to mark an online presence. There are flooded option of websites which makes things appears too clustered and competitive to grab clients attention. Instead, Web application is turning the new face of business in digital space. But on the contrary, creating a thriving web app is not enough. The rough sketch of your business should be something fresh and that actually move the needle. 

Being an entrepreneur, SME, or a product based company, you need to look for an idea that turns vision into a success story. Whether that be crafting a mesmerizing design, working with the latest technology, or promising a distinguished business model, it has to catch the eye of users. Therefore, to help you with the recipe of success, we have clutched some web application ideas that help you sail through fierce competition.

Top 20 Web Applications Ideas      

You Tube Radio - Adding a little More Internet To Conventional Music  

We all know, YouTube is a trendsetter. It’s a search based podium which audience from different walks of life follows. How about the idea of YouTube radio software? This distinguishable software will pick the trending content and play it for the specified audience — no more hassle of searching or being in the cumbersome situation of making a playlist. 

This approach will be more of a chrome plug-in that replaces YouTube videos with audios to save CPU. So, if you ever have heard music on YouTube in the background or noticed system getting slow or hear the fan spinning, YouTube Radio comes to the rescue. Merely clicking the radio icon in the YouTube player removes videos. Moreover, if you are playing your favourites, every video will be automatically blanked out. But, as a constraint, this plug-in works well with HTML 5 YouTube player. If a flash option is identified, the plug-in option automatically tries to switch to the latest HTML 5 version.  

Astrology Based On Artificial Intelligence 

Everyone among us is somewhere obsessed with astrology. Everybody pays close attention to their daily horoscope or either look up at their natal charts on the old astrological sites from the early ’90s. Whereas, in this technology-driven era, there hasn’t been a web application that ticks the boxes of Astrology everyone is talking about. As you already know, typical horoscopes are written with a person’s sun sign, that is just one part of their Astrological charts. The moon, the other planets in the Solar System, 12 houses of Zodiac - each epitomizes an own part of life, like profession, relationship, home - they impact predictions.      

So, this technology-driven web app ideas and its algorithm inculcate all these factors. The user has to enter their name, date, place of their birth, so the app has all your birth credentials. The application gets data from NASA to retrace the direction of the planet, further publishing a daily horoscope about how the latest planets transits affect a user based on their birth charts. 

Chatbots - The New Imperative For Your Business Growth

In the last few years, there has been an exceptional downfall in app downloading as roughly half of smartphone users have not installed a new app in the previous month. Nowadays, users are more inclined towards a handful of apps that they can easily use while abiding goodbye to others. The latest study uncovered that most people use 5 apps consistently, and two to three apps are messaging platforms. This is not surprising as people are more interested in building a relationship through talking and asking. 

Capitalizing on this idea, the upturn of chatbots come as an unexpected evolution, perfectly amalgamated with improvisation in AI Technology. For instance, Pizza Hut and Starbucks are some leading brands that allow chatbots to take your order. Even, they tell you about the latest deals, total amount, and the time your order is expected to deliver. 

Medical Support Platform 

This is an innovative approach to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. Already know, there are myriad of rare diseases still left untreated because of lack of awareness. Thereby, having a platform specially designed to create values through additional technology development and simultaneously extension of its functionalities proves to be the best solution. 

Thus, providing a portal with continually evolving technology will help in making a niche in transforming and managing the health system in the developing world. 

Bloggers Arena

The notion of blogging for startup took off in the late ’90s. And, now it is one of the leading tools that entrepreneurs are mainly using to engage with their clients. In today’s digital arena, it is mandatory to start a blog for your startup. It ensures you stay ahead of your competitors and at the same time, let you outgrow your brand significantly. 

For a better understanding, imagineImage Editing  blogging as a platform which links automatically in between user’s posts. Notably, it matches phrases and words shared in posts, preferably longer phrases. For example, if this description would be a post on blogging platforms, it might be automatically linked to other posts on the leading blogging platforms in 2019. Links may vary over time.  

Medicine Review  

2nd health consultation is always a good web app experts option. Then why to turn a blind eye when it is about medicine review? It is considered a sound investment to crosscheck medicine revieImage Editing ws before you start with it. Think if there would be an application which shares real-time information about composition, dosage, and customer reviews of the customers. Seems interesting!  

So, when it comes to medical practice and reviews, making a medicine review web app help you place a nook in the global market. 

Memes And Gifts 

Internet is flooded option of memes and gifts. Right from birthday wishes to anniversary customized gifts, everyone is looking for the best to gift. So, if you can build a website where people get the most exciting and surprising memes, gifts, or they can share up their customized pictures, then this will be a skyrocket web app idea. 

Book Review Portal - Share Thoughts About A Book 

There are millions of books and millions of bookworms awaiting to read books. They are in yearn need of suggestions for their future reading. So, why not to customize a platform that is open for book reviews from every registered user. It will be a boon in their buying decision. 

Image Editing 

Yes, everyone wants to get fit in the notion of beauty. So, everybody likes to edit their photos before uploading on the social media platform. Whim about a website that proffers the enhanced editing features like collage making, image editing, and uploading it without any tedious work that it can be significant. 

Online Storage Space 

There are ever-increasing micro blogging and personal websites that require online storage. If you can work on the idea of crafting a website that provides online storage and that too without breaking your budget, then it is like reaping benefits from this enthralling web app idea.   

Social Site Alert

Same as like truecaller, this can be a plugin or a website that help you understand better whether to talk to a specific person or not. This is especially beneficial for women who usually have difficulties in finding the subtle difference between a shadow character and a true personality.  

Car Parking Spots  

The mounting number of vehicles use has also exponentially increased traffic. Moreover, in the peak hours, it turns into an uphill task to find an accessible and approachable parking slot. So, preparing a parking app through web development enable user to find an appropriate parking slot through GPS which is not taken by any other driver. 

Putting The Lid On... People use their smartphones for a myriad of reasons. Many load them with useful applications and use them as vital tools in their daily life while some use them for entertainment process. Neither approach is wrong; you need to pay attention to category your target audience falls into.  

 If you have an idea for a trending yet popular applications but are surrounded with the question of scepticism whether you can handle the development process, don’t give up. The web app experts at Xicom Technologies are ready to help you bring the thoughts to fruition. 

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