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The Lost WaysThe Lost Ways is a 350-page book filled with ancient survival techniques, which our ancestors followed or implemented for thriving in the most difficult conditions marked by the dearth of things necessary for survival. Our forefathers survived some of the worst conditions without the modern luxuries like electricity, phones, cooking facilities, refrigeration and much more. Can we survive in the same manner they did if things turned for the worst? The author of the Book Claude Davis looks at how modern conveniences have made humanity too complacent. Hailed as a man that is “old-fashioned”, Mr. Davis lives with his family in an exquisitely-designed – yet, very basic – log cabin that he designed and constructed himself.The Lost Ways

This book tells it to our face that we’ve lost the important survival skills that our forefathers had, and it is time we learned them again. This book acts as a guide to accentuate that it is essential for humans to know and use these survival skills as well as techniques that can help them survive without the electronic gadgets, internet, power, and other amenities. You’ll discover the lost remedies used by our ancestors for centuries. You’ll also discover 25 other survival foods that we’ve lost to history. You’ll gain the lost knowledge of sailors from the XVII century who preserved water in their ships for months on end even years and you’ll find out how you can use this method to preserve clean water for your family cost-free.The Lost Ways

If you are reading this The Lost Ways review, it is obvious that you value your life and the lives of those that you love. It is the unique ability to get through dire situations. Examples of these situations include – but, are not at all limited to – economic collapse, natural disasters, illnesses, injuries, accidents, and other types of emergencies. The wisdom contained within The Lost Ways far exceeds that which the media is constantly broadcasting. It is the wisdom of our forefathers. It is a necessary element for the future continuation of the human race. Survival is no longer a luxury skill set; it is an absolute necessity as we embark on a questionable journey into our future.

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In my memory, what really impresses me are some shops that insist on selling single products.

For example, Northwest Lake Coffee Bean, this is a small coffee shop of only ten square meters, with only two or three tables, without any decoration, but it has been open for a full ten years. This pair of brothers and sisters from Taiwan stationed in Wuhan and became a small in Wuhan. The originator of the coffee shop only sells Mandheling, from roasted beans to coffee, all made by hand. How popular is his shop? Many customers just pass by, and they would rather stand still and have a cup of coffee before leaving. They are satisfied. The aroma of coffee can be smelled from far away. A small shop, a single-origin coffee, provides unlimited coffee ideas and lifestyles. This reminds me of the café that insists on selling only Blue Mountain in Gulangyu Island. The proprietress prefers Blue Mountain and only sells this kind of coffee. It is also the best Blue Mountain I have ever had. A cup of coffee makes a soul out of my mind.

   Also, Yunnan rice noodles. I only ate such good Yunnan rice noodles in a shop in a building. Deep in the campus, the small courtyard on the first floor is only about 15 square meters. Her family only sells a kind of authentic Yunnan rice noodles and a bowl of rice noodles. , Bone broth as the base, Yunnan spicy pepper, minced meat and cucumber piled on the rice noodles, a bowl of rice noodles sincerely, served in a large white porcelain bowl, very, very delicious, I am often surprised by this bowl of rice noodles. Moreover, in the charcoal pots that flourish in winter, there are delicious barley tea in celadon cups with rice noodles. Taking a detour all the way, the comfort of a bowl of rice noodles is unimaginable.

   I once heard a friend talk about a small noodle restaurant in Chongqing that only makes small noodles. From the ingredients to the seasoning, the requirements are strict. The cooking time to the bowling procedure is not compromised. Moreover, the noodle pickers there remember the tastes of every regular customer: add spicy, green onions without ginger; add more vinegar, more green onions and more garlic; remember to prepare an extra bowl of soup... a bowl of small noodles is delicious. The small old table is cleaned with water every day, and the store’s homemade pickled radish is presented in front of the guests. Who can not remember such a bowl of small noodles?

   To achieve the ultimate in a single product is just like life. You have the patience to do one thing in your life. There are too many temptations in this world. I want to do it and I want to do it. There are many ways to attack, and the last thing is nothing. Many people don't understand such a simple truth to be able to settle down to endure loneliness and do a good job.

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