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by Somya Arora Digital Marketing Specialist
It seems like many people do not understand the value of a good pair of underpants. Your underwear has saved from perhaps hundreds of social faux pas that you might have unwittingly committed. And if you’re thinking “What can a measly piece of cloth do for me?” Think again. Your undergarments reduce your chances of being introduced to chafing, skin irritation and myriad of fungal and bacterial infections caused from dampness. They are responsible for supporting and protecting your privates and absorb any unsuspecting body fluids. Besides all that, they are a necessity if you want to feel at ease throughout the day, especially if you play sports or participate in physical activities. So, if you understand the benefits of a good pair of underpants, you would know the importance of purchasing quality underwear that will always make your body comfortable. 

Underwear for men India, the most common option seems to be briefs. Briefs are a true time tested classic for men that have been in use for a long time. Briefs provide coverage and support for your genitals and buttocks, leaving the upper portion of the thighs free. This design makes it ideal for the hot and humid weather conditions of southern Asia, especially if you are commute over large distances daily, are involved in some athletic pursuits or participate in heavy physical work very often. Some variations on the classic briefs design for specific purposes are also easy to find if you buy underwear online india. For example, the low-rise briefs, which sit below the natural waistline are the best option to wear underneath low-rise jeans and basketball shorts, whereas, high-rise underwear are great for toning down your tummy and holding your love handles to make you look fitter.

However, if the classic brief isn’t for you, the boxer brief might be something worth checking out. This option is perhaps the most comfortable out of all the different styles of underwear available in the market. The loose form factor enables great circulation of air, making you feel relaxed throughout the day. This also makes them the perfect kind of undergarments to lounge around in the house. If you are someone who looks for uniqueness even in their underwear, boxers have a great way to facilitate that. You can find them in all sorts of colours, humorous prints with cartoon characters and all sorts of wacky designs. Boxer pants online will let you look for your favourite design or colour. It is important to point out that at times boxers can ride up your thighs, which can make you feel uneasy, especially during long journeys. This ‘bunching up’ is often noticeable when men where fitted pants and tight jeans which are very much in the vogue these days. 

If you are like the form factor of the boxers, but are turned off at the prospect of them riding up your thighs, you can look for trunks. These are hybrids between the boxers and briefs, which happen to provide a snug fit around the crotch, and ends just over the thighs. Solving the main issue with boxers. If you are unable to find these trunks in the market, look for boxer briefs online india, as online there is a wider collection of clothes to be found.

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