The Influence Of Video Games On Children.

by agha raza agha

With the boost in social media and IT industry, there is a certain uplift in the video game culture around the globe. The smart LED TV(s) has enhanced the game playing experience by providing large real-time images with matching sound effects, thus perfect illusion is created to take a young brain into another world which is not real. Video games these days have also up their game by displaying high quality graphics. Now the games are more relevant, the scenarios are more intense. Explicit content such as violence, blood and gore, strong sexual content and use of drugs, these are the core plots of the most popular game among teenagers.

Many researches has been conducted that whether a video game badly effects children or leaves a positive mark while adolescence. The experts have two different views about this, some of them say that it is harmful for kid’s mental health as they become more violent, but there are few who believe that it does not harm their mental health. In spite of this disagreement all the researches have concluded to a place that parents should take some steps to protect their children.

In the most recent discussion against media violence contains television, movies, LED TV online, music and video games. The conclusion was drawn that the violence shown in media aggravates violent behavior in youth. There are number of television shows and movies for kids which display aggression, but video games are considered as one of the most drastic influencer because they are interactive and encourage role playing. These video games may serve as the rehearsals for actual violence, as the world has witnessed many such incidents and the one which happened in the mosque in New Zealand is a recent example.

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The Social Learning Theory

The psychologists say that according to the social learning theory it is evident that children learn by observing, mimicking and by adopting behaviors from their environment. They show concerns regarding the problem that exposure to such violent and aggressive content of video games and other media may numb the emotions of the youngsters, desensitizing them, this can lead to aggressive behavior, bullying bad school performance and sleeping disorders.

Violent Content is not the culprit

A 2010 research paper on the matter says that most of the analysis is done on the basis of observational approaches than actual cause and effect. This paper claims that video games or violent media content displayed on LED TV online or wherever does not directly influence the youngsters, the paper aided its argument with a record analysis of serious violent crimes among youth has a dramatic fall since 1996. The paper said that video games should not be the one blamed for aggression in youth as according to a study the children who got aggressive, the aggression, anger, psychosis was very much present already as their personality trait even before they were exposed to such violent content of video games or the movies they watch on their smart LED TV(s) with no guidanceThe parents should keep an eye on their children.  

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