The Importance of Learning English With a Native English Speaker

by Gloria Philips Expert Blogger

My dad came to this country sixty- 5 years ago not speaking anything of English with barely a cent within his pocket using the clothes he was wearing for your journey along with a spare set of socks. Becoming a tailor by trade he was soon doing work in an all immigrant clothes factory where nobody spoke native English and simply spoke their country's languages. A few months passed, and bored to death, he started seeking work elsewhere, however with little English (the only real English he knew was taught to him by his heavily accented uncle) the places he wished to work wouldn't hire him. Annoyed by the rejection, he made a decision to learn and learn fast. He found a local English speaking house which was renting an area, moved in and shortly it became easier and much easier for him to decipher the text he already knew but had not actually heard spoken before by somebody who had been a native English speaker. When you are required to communicate in English his tongue soon loosened round the unfamiliar vowels and consonants, his pronunciation improved and his awesome ears began to decipher the nuances as well as the accents around him. Elated he could speak more freely, he soon purchased weekly lessons having a retired school teacher who had been a local English speaker; Within 6 months he understood the majority of that which was spoken to him, but most importantly his verbal fluency increased. With time, he became fluent got a more satisfactory job he socialised more frequently and got extremely popular, particularly with the ladies. He managed to joke and cajole with everyone around him, using idioms and peppering his speech using the current pop references of times. He had began to communicate again, and that which was great is the fact that he was performing it in another language which was not foreign anymore.


He often saw his old pals from his hometown. Most of them, despite decades living and doing work in London had never really moved far from their very own community and for that reason never exercised a necessity to talk native English so their language skills been poorer marooned them within their position, and frequently for their dismay their kids could communicate fast and powerful, using colloquialisms that blindsighted their parents, in order to allow them to wake up to mischief and mayhem unhindered. He often believed to me how important it had been to understand from the native English speaker when trying to speak another language, then adding it took him months to differentiate 'v' and 'w' and 'b' and 'd', because his tongue had not been utilized to those sounds within the order that English words so frequently have. Vowels were longer, rounder as to what he was utilized to plus it did take him time to determine where his tongue must be to create the consecutive word sound legible. To check out him chirping along in English now, is amazing for me, I learned both languages from birth, but to understand another language within your mid twenties and become fluent is really a feat for me, because I would personally have experienced a really difficult time. The secret is to hear the rhythm from the language surrounding you and adjust your hearing and after that practise loud and proud, he used to get it done before a mirror. Ever the dandy as well as the swain.

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