The Importance of Keeping Your House Warm during the Winter

by Kevin Smith Author

As winter approaches you may be thinking about attempting to go through the season without turning the furnace on, but that is not a good idea. Here are some reasons why keeping your home properly heated during the winter is essential.

Importance for Your House

It is important to keep your house warm during the winter because improperly heating the house can lead to costly damages. The main cause of damage is when water pipes freeze. Since water expands as it cools, if there is water in your house’s pipes, and it freezes, it can burst or crack a pipe open. If you suspect that you may have heating issues,  contact a company equipped to handle emergency heating system repair in Pittsburgh, PA, as soon as possible.  

Some ways you can protect your pipes are to keep garage doors closed, open kitchen and bathroom cabinets for a while to let warm air flow past the pipes, and keep the thermostat set at a consistent temperature. The lowest your thermostat should be set to in unused buildings is 55 degrees, and if you plan to come back to the house you should set it to 62 degrees. This way the system will not have to work harder to reheat the home when you return. You should make sure your house is properly insulated and put plastic on the windows to conserve heat.

Importance for Your Health

The winter months are notorious for cold and flu viruses. Staying warm is essential to help prevent illness. If your body temperature remains uncomfortably low it will be more susceptible to illness. You can have difficulty sleeping and muscle stiffness.

Those with joint issues and lung issues are more at risk for health complications at colder temperatures. You should focus on heating the rooms you are in the most often, like the living room and bedroom. You can use electric blankets, heaters, and fireplaces to help warm these rooms. Electric blankets should not be used throughout the night, and never use a hot water bottle with an electric blanket. If you use a heater, be sure it is away from drapes and read all safety instructions.

Importance for Your System

Keeping your thermostat set to a consistent temperature is not only good for you but good for your heating system itself. If your furnace has to rapidly catch up to a temperature and heat the house quickly, it will work harder and put more strain on the system itself.

If your furnace or boiler stop functioning in the winter you should have them fixed immediately. Contact a company that provides emergency heating system repair in Pittsburgh, PA, for assistance.



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