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The Flat Belly Fix Review: Is It Worth the Money?

How confident are you with your body? Do you struggle getting rid of unwanted belly fat?

In this P90X review, you will discover a fitness program that will help you on how to lose belly fat effectively. Along with the best diet for fat loss, you will also learn whether this weight loss regime is worth your money and time.

If you are ready to know effective ways to lose belly fat, let’s get started!

The Flat Belly Fix Overview

Not only an innovative weight loss program, but the Flat Belly Fix also offers a three-part approach that targets belly fat while getting the best shape of your body. This weight loss regime provides best exercises for losing belly fat, nutritional information about foods that burn fat fast, and a simple smoothie recipe guide. Meaning, the program is intended to help you get the best out of the weight loss system.

21-Day System

The Flat Belly Fix comes in the form of an eBook where you will understand everything about fitness, nutrition, eating patterns, and health. This is where you will learn the proper eating schedule, foods that increase metabolism, food proportioning and serving sizes, triglycerides, insulin and much more.

7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol

In the 7-minute flat belly protocol, you will learn and experience the essence of seven minutes in eliminating belly fat and having a healthier lifestyle. The best exercises in burning fat are included, such as fiber activation, system tension movements, and isometrics. The seven exercise protocols are designed based on the movements that military members, SWAT team, and police officers use during their strength and resistance training.

Smoothie Recipe Guide

Unlike other weight-loss diets that many found to be appetizing and tasty, the smoothie recipe of Flat Belly Fix is far different. You will be provided with a list of delicious recipes that you will consume daily. With smoothie recipes made from fresh ingredients like almond milk, coconut, wild berries, kefir, milk yogurt, nuts, vanilla, avocado, and more, you will love eating while losing weight.

 How Does It Work?

Todd Lamb, a veteran police officer, and former SWAT member created the Flat Belly Fix to help his wife lose weight after a car accident. During the recovery period, his wife starts to gain weight and to help her. He came up to an effective weight loss system that can also help others on how to eat fat and lose weight.

The Flat Belly Fix does not focus on a diet program or a step-by-step exercise. Instead, it provides both strategies and tips on how you will lose weight effectively and quickly. The program is designed to help you lose weight, targeting your belly fat.

Downloadable eBook, along with weekly exercise videos, the weight loss program promises that anyone who will use it will lose a significant amount of weight. The Flat Belly Fix aims to share the best ways to lose weight that are affordable and applicable to a daily regime. Within 21 ways, users can lose about 23 pounds.

Meanwhile, the only challenge that you might encounter during the weight loss process is finding an effective way on how you can incorporate the food ingredients in your diet. The beauty of this weight loss program is that you will learn the specific benefits of each ingredient and how these ingredients will help you.

Does sugar cause belly fat? Do carbs cause belly? If these are your questions whenever you ate about to eat foods, the Flat Belly Fix will give you the right answer. The program claims that users will be able to experience and enjoy a rapid fat loss without worrying about any side effects. This weight loss program also claims that it can reverse type II diabetes by causing the body to burn fat instead of sugar for fuel.

Flat Belly Fix Pros and Cons

When it comes to burning fats or losing weight, you need to be smart in choosing a which weight loss program will work best for you. You need the best way on how to eat fat and lose fat, as well as get a weight loss system that is easy to incorporate in your daily routine.

So, what are the pros and cons of using Flat Belly Fix?


Learn Weight Loss Principles

With Flat Belly Fix, you will learn and understand the true principles in weight loss that will help you determine the right food habits and exercises. The way the information is explained is easy to understand and making some changes in the lifestyle isn’t hard to do.

Effective Weight Loss Techniques and Tips

Flat Belly Fix is primarily designed to provide effective techniques and tips on how to lose and maintain a healthy weight and help you get rid of belly fat.

Better Understanding of Physiology and Anatomy

If you will learn more about physiology and anatomy, it becomes easier for you to understand everything about weight gain or lose. Then, the program will give you the foods and exercises you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Mental Clarity

Due to regular exercise, sufficient amount of right kinds of food, ideal food servings, and the right time for food intake, you will have an excellent mental awareness. You will also improve your reaction time, and you will have more agility that can help you perform your daily tasks.

Better Sleep Quality

Not only improving your eating patterns, but Flat Belly Fix will also help you have better sleep quality. Since your body will be filled with superfoods and ancient food and get a regular workout, your sleep cycle will be better regulated.

Easy to Download

The Flat Belly Fix is easy to download using any digital device. You can download the weight loss program directly from the Internet.

60-day Money Back Guarantee

One of the interesting benefits of Flat Belly Fix is upon purchasing. You will be offered with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Meaning, if you are not satisfied or happy with the results, you can get the money back by returning it.


Access to the Internet

People who do not have any access to the Internet will not be able to use Flat Belly Fix. The program is only available in the form of eBook.

Requires Consistency

Flat Belly Fix requires the users to be consistent with the weight loss program for them to lose weight effectively. However, if you are only doing the program every time you only want, you will not get the result you are expecting.

Designed for Reading

The weight loss program is a downloadable eBook. So, if you have no fondness to reading, you will find the process challenging.

What Are the Flat Belly Fix Bonuses?

The Flat Belly Fix is generous when it comes to weight loss bonuses. Once you purchase the program, you will automatically obtain the 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol. The said bonus is an eBook providing a series of exercises that you can do within 7 minutes.

The 7-minute exercise focus on helping you achieve a flat belly. Primarily, the exercises involve ab and core exercises. You can expect that you will be able to tighten your core with this series of exercises. Although the exercises are not intensive, they can give you the best results.

The most amazing thing about the exercises is that you do not need a special place to perform them. All you need is to stay comfortable the home and start losing weight. You do not also to use any extra equipment for completing the exercises. You have the freedom of where you want to do the exercises, be at the gym or outside your home. So, you can complete these exercises based on your schedule and the preferred location.

In the 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol of the program, you can get an online VIP coaching. This means that you are allowed to access a 30-day free exclusive online coaching for you to lose more weight and get the most out of Flat Belly Fix.

Even though you can only access the online VIP coaching within 30 days, you can continue with the VIP coaching. Simply subscribe for $29 per month that will last for 3 months. After that, you will be able to get free access to lifetime online coaching.


If you are among those people who continue struggling with their fat belly and losing weight, using Flat Belly Fix is never a bad idea. The program targets the lower belly while combining fitness and nutrition to help fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals. This program is also effective in providing healthy habits for activity, diet, and mental levels.

One of the interesting things about Flat Belly Fix is the creator itself, Todd Lamb. Apart from he knows well the needs in the fitness industry, he also understands the importance of having an effective and dependable weight loss system due to his personal experience. From that experience, he was able to create a weight loss program that offers the right information along with the proper weight loss methods.

The Flat Belly Fix is not only ideal for young ones, but also to those who have already reached their 40s but want to have a healthy weight and lose their belly fat. Following the program, diet is easy because of the delicious yet healthy smoothies made of ancient foods and fresh fruits.

Regardless of your available time, you will be able to complete the exercises part of Flat Belly Fix. That is because you can do the exercises anytime and anywhere you want without using any special equipment. You are also provided with bonuses like the 30-day VIP coaching access and 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol that will help you maximize the benefits of the program.

Is Flat Belly Fix worth the money? If you want to experience a rapid fat loss, then Flat Belly Fix is the right fat loss program for you. Also, you can take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee.


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