The Dos and Don'ts of affordable vinyl fencing installation

by Duramax Fence Building Material Supplier

Vinyl fences can protect your property and also amplify its beauty. A good quality fence lasts for years with very little maintenance. Old properties prefer to buy traditional vinyl fencing as it enhances the visual appeal of the space. Wall topper is a traditional fence, but there are other customized fences available in the market. Opt for affordable vinyl fencing installation to get quality fences within a budget.

Vinyl fencing is the rage in the American market. People have switched from wooden fences and embraced vinyl fences. One of the biggest reasons for vinyl fences to be in high demand is that these fences are extremely durable and weather resistant. Americans look for affordable vinyl fencing installation as they want fences that are maintenance-free and can survive for a long time. If you have a traditional home, you can buy traditional vinyl fencing. Fences come in different shapes and sizes. Manufacturers can customize most fences, as per your specifications. Wall topper is one of the most preferred traditional fences; however, the classy picket fences have vintage vibes.

buy traditional vinyl fencing

Before you decide on buying fences, there are a few dos and don'ts that you should adhere to:

Do – Go for DuraResin vinyl fences

Are you planning to get a wall topper fence? Then, make sure you use the DuraResin vinyl formulation for greater weather resistivity. The DuraResin formulated vinyl fences have over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and good quality UV inhibitors to protect the fences from weather damage. A good quality fence can withstand the intense heat from the Southwest and Northwest Sun. Hot weather will not warp the fences and the cold temperatures won't cause cracks.

Don't – Repaint the fences

When you buy traditional vinyl fencing, you don't have to repaint the fences. Good quality fences do not fade and also do not turn yellow for a long time. Vinyl fences are waterproof and to maintain the color, you don't need to repaint them. You only need to powerwash the fences to remove any grime or dust stuck on them. Technically you can paint the fences, but you need to invest money in professionals to get the work done. High-quality vinyl fences do not need repainting for at least ten years or more.

Do – Look for thicker wall fence panels

If you plan to get affordable vinyl fencing installation work done, ask the manufacturers for thicker wall fence panels. Thicker walls mean that the fences will be more durable and sturdy. Thin walls are weak and the fences can easily crack or get broken by a simple blow. Thicker fence walls ensure that the fences are impact-resistant and do not rot, crack, split, warp or bend.

Don't – Hammer the fences

Do not hammer vinyl fences. Hammering will easily break the vinyl fences. The vinyl material isn't strong enough to resist hammering. Ordinary manufacturers use unsightly screws and external backers for installation. Such installation requires hammering and is one reason why the fences crack up or develop splits before time. Buy traditional vinyl fencing with a strong routing system and a good interlocking pattern to hold the fence panels together. Hammering should not be done directly on the fence panels, as it might weaken and crack up the fences.

Do – Go for Duragrain fences

Wooden fences are loved by many. It's the rich look of wood that attracts everyone. Duragrain fences have the cellular structure of vinyl, but look and even feel like real wood. The wood-grained fence is actually vinyl as they only look like wood, but is water-resistant and durable like vinyl.

Don't – Install cheap vinyl fences

If you are looking for affordable vinyl fencing installation, do not go for cheap vinyl fences. Cheap vinyl is not durable. Invest in good quality vinyl fences that are water-resistant, fire-resistant and can withstand extreme weather. Duramax fences exceed ASTM quality standards and are affordably priced.

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Jackie Andrews wanted to install a wall topper to protect his property. He went to Duramax for affordable vinyl fencing installation. If you are planning to buy traditional vinyl fencing, choose Duramax. Jackie got fences with a limited lifetime warranty. Duramax is the most reputed one-stop fence store. 

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