The Dog Poop Septic Tank. A revolutionary new way to dissolve dog poop organically.


Dog Poop Septic Tank. Dissolves Dog Poop. No Smells. No Bins. No Mess.

Are you fed up with trying to dispose of your dogs’ poop?

Are you fed up with putting your dogs’ poop into bags or bins?

Are you fed up with having the clean the dog poop bin out?

Would you like an easy way to dispose of your dog’s poop?

Would you like a way to dissolve your dogs’ poop? A way that wat safe natural and organic.

Whether you've got a garden, own a boarding kennels, a dog walking park or a rescue centre. There is a now an easy way to dispose of dog poop safely and cleanly.

It's called a dog poop septic tank and it dissolves dog


Amazing right! Let me tell you more...

How Does

It Work?

The main reason the Dog Poop Septic Tank works so well is

because of what's inside it.

Inside the dog poop septic tank is a nest with a special shelf on top of it.

Inside the nest live organic red worms and bacteria.

Take the lid of the dog poop septic tank and drop the poop into the dog poop septic tank and replace the lid. The dog poop will fall onto a special shelf situated in the middle of the dog poop septic tank.

The organic worms and bacteris that live in the nest will then eat, digest and break down the dog poop like that in a compost heap.

The dog poop is then digested, dissolved and converted by the organic red worms and the bacteria into safe, clean organic mineral water.

The organic mineral water will then soakaway, by means of a soakaway pipe into the soil.

This means no more mess. No more bins. No more hassle and no more smells.

What AreThe Dimension Of The Dog Poop Septic Tank?


Height 1.2 metre x Length 1.2

metre x Width 1 metre

How Many Dogs Will The Dog Poop Septic Tank Cater For?

The dog poop septic tank will approximately 1-35 dogs. Obviously, the size of dogs varies. If we take a Jack Russell as a standard size dog, then the dog poop septic tank will cater for thirty-five of them. Another factor to consider is the size of the poop and the frequency of the poop. The size of the poop can vary from the size of a small finger to the size of a thick sausage. Jack Russell’s generally poop out a poop the size of a small finger. Regarding the frequency of the poop, most dogs poop two to three times per day. If your dog or dogs poop more frequently than stated, or if the poop is larger than stated then please consider getting the extra large dog poop septic tank.

The Dog Poop Septic Tank is a small black box that is designed to sit above ground on the grass or concrete. It is light and easy to move but has a steel frame and base making it strong and durable. It has a child proof lid on top of the tank and a soakaway outlet pipe at the bottom of the tank.

So, how much does the dog poop septic tankt?

The dog poop septic tank is normally £499, but this month

we have £100 off the normal price. So today, you can get one for only £399.

Dog Poop Septic Tank

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