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The Devotion SystemThe Devotion System is a relationship program for women that is designed to make any guy completely devoted in his love for them. The book covers a lot of topics, such as how to make a man want you sexually, how to keep him chasing you and how to hold his attention in conversation. Regardless of your past, as long as you follow the steps throughout this program, you will be able to build a healthy, lasting relationship — both with yourself, and with Mr. Right. If you follow the techniques within, the book promises that you will be able to reignite the spark in your man’s heart and create a deep and meaningful bond with him, so that you can establish a stronger relationship.The Devotion System

This program is applicable to every man irrespective of the nature or age of the relationship/ crush. You can create an all new love or rejuvenate your lost love in a few days. Amy North is a relationship expert and dating coach from Canada. She’s worked with hundreds of women to help them find love and keep love. She’s highly recognized for her coaching courses and seminars, and has a bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology. There are so many unique facets of the program. Each section helps you learn something new, something useful to save your relationship and make it strong, lifelong commitment. This program provides three psychological loopholes that will make a man fantasize about spending the rest of his life with you. Impressing your man may be the only thing you fret about all the time. The program gives you tips to learn and tricks to play the game of winning.The Devotion System

The Devotion System

You can go from nothing to everything inside his mind kingdom. It helps you to reignite the spark in his heart, create a deeper bond with him and establish a stronger and enduring relationship. This is an easy trick to learn. Once you learn this method, you can easily persuade your man about the ideal woman in you. He will not think of anyone but you. You will be provided with unique psychological information about men such as why they pull away, misconceptions women have about them, various types of men, what they respond to and don’t respond to, etc. It provides simple and weird trick will make you one of the most attractive, radiant, and desirable woman he’ll ever meet…The Devotion System also mentions the concept of the Mind Virus, which is responsible for pushing your man away. You will be able to avoid this virus from infecting your relationship. There are techniques that you can use in many different modes of communication, such as the Phone Phrenzy technique that will make your man call you frequently. The System comes with three wonderful bonuses that teach you how to delicately manipulate your man in such a way that thoughts of another woman are pushed out of his mind. You become his life and soul, as a result. These bonus packs give you more information about the ways to become invincible. How to make him loyal for life. Finding Love Online. Textual Chemistry.

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One day, I bought a set of 50 books.

   I opened the box and was happy for a moment, then I started to worry: the bookshelves are full. This means I must say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. So, I took the ladder, started sorting from the top of the bookshelf, opened the cover of the book, looked at the content, and threw it on the ground if I felt I didn’t need it or would not read it again.

The Devotion System

The Devotion System

   At first, I couldn't throw out a copy.

   I opened them, and the only thing I was familiar with was the feeling of seeing the title of the book, "this book is worth buying" and "this is what I should own"-completely out of possessiveness.

   strange, panic, annoyed, self-blaming.

   Then, I leaned on the ladder to examine them slowly, and found that most of them should be thrown away.

Some books proved to be best-sellers but have no connotation; some books, I won’t use them at all, unless I use my family as a library-such as those bronze reading materials, from introduction, identification to restoration, identification, and one volume Illustrated...I remember the original thought: If I knew this, it would be great! But in fact, buying a book does not come with an automatic input function, so buy it frantically, read it in a hurry, or save it for later reading.

The Devotion System

   One side is reading obsessive-compulsive disorder, for fear of being eliminated, for fear that there is no common language with people around, and continuous anxiety, and quickly enter the next book; on the other hand, I forget completely, so that more books are on the shelf and in my mind.

   People are tired of things, and things are let down. In an instant, I made a decision: From now on, I will read only one book a week.

   suddenly, it was relaxed.

After that, because I only read one book a week, I made more careful selection of books, and the pressure of reading suddenly became lighter. I spent my time reading a few books on one book, thinking more, feeling deeper, and even doing book excerpts when I had time. Write reading notes.

   Another day, I tidy up the cloakroom.

   I looked around and felt a sense of shame: Even if I used a folded clothes board, I folded each piece of tofu like a piece of dried tofu and stacked them in a pile, but there was still no extra space.

Some clothes are purely commemorative and cannot be thrown away; although some clothes do not match the body shape at the moment, I always feel that I will lose weight and keep it inspiring; some are outdated, but the materials are very good and I can’t bear to throw them away; What's more, if I look good at the mall, I feel bad when I buy it home. I just put it aside or get tired after wearing it a few times. Since then, I have been idled by most of the concubines.

   In addition to the cloakroom, the shoe cabinet is the same. The number of retired people is equal to the number of people working.

   I don’t want to indulge myself and become a shopaholic, nor do I want to quit shopping malls and Taobao. I once again made a decision instantly: from now on, I will only buy one thing for myself a week.

   It takes a day to clean up the ones that will never be worn again, throw away, donate, give away. Then, take out a pen and list the non-essential things that I want to buy recently on the paper, and reorder them by desire. I bought this list for several months. In the past, when I thought about buying or buying, the card would be maxed out at any time, and people would live in regret for a long time.

   Another day, I chatted with my girlfriends and talked about their spiritual and material lives.

The arrangement of "only one book per week" was fully affirmed by her, and she was shining in her eyes, and actually made an annual plan: "If you read 50 books in a year, you can make a reading plan-about a certain type of problem, 5 books or In fact, you can basically figure it out with 10 books. If you figure out a few big problems in one year, even if it has not been in vain this year. "I can't help but nod.

   But only buying one thing a week made her wonder: "Can you hold it back? Is there a limit on the amount?"

I explained: "At first, after I ran out of quota every week, I scratched my mind, but it didn't take long for me to gain enthusiasm for the coming days-I started every Wednesday and looked forward to coming next Monday. "

  As for the amount of money, of course I have a budget in my mind. I can only restrain myself when I run out of the budget. If I haven't bought anything for a few weeks, I will buy a big one at the end of the month. "My principle is that I don't treat myself badly in any aspect, don't force or indulge myself in any aspect, and learn to manage myself."

   "A good day should be clear and orderly, regular and exciting."

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