The Big 5 Current Trends in the Cryptography World

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Like any other field, the mathematical science of writing and solving secret codes is also dynamic in its nature. As a student, it often becomes difficult to keep a track of the changes that the cryptography world is witnessing. But, don’t worry here is a quick and effective overview of the same by cryptography assignment help experts. So, let us lead off:


1. Homomorphic Encryption: Say Bye-Bye to Decryption

The data is transferred from one source to another in encrypted format, but if we need to perform any other function or calculation on the same, we need to decrypt it. By doing so, the data is exposed to various threats. To overcome this issue, the current encryption that has left every cryptographer talking about it is, Homomorphic Encryption. It allows you to perform action on the encrypted file without decrypting it, hence saving your data from threats along with your time.


2. Quantum Cryptography: New Way of Secret Communication

It offers virtually unbreakable encryption as it makes use of photons of light in order to share a file. These photons can be blocked by another technology, but it can’t be cloned. It is an outcome of combining the world of physics with the science of coding. This has been the safest way for relieving and sending a pass-code, secret key or password over a distance.


3. Tokenization: Substitution Leading to Security

It is a method of substituting the actual data with a pseudo data, along with a token, which has no exploitable value. The underlying principle of it is that, if you don’t want your data to be stolen, then don’t share it with anyone. It is majorly used to protect credit cards and bank accounts number in a secure way.


4. Blockchain: A Chain of Secured Information

It uses the same technology as used to save bitcoin. Here long list of records called blocks is linked together in a chain format using cryptography, hence the name. It is a democratized system, i.e., it has no central authority. As it is immutable therefore, the data within it can not be tampered by anyone. The three major properties of it are- decentralization, immutability, and transparency.


5. Honey Encryption: Giving Hackers the Taste of Their Own Medicine

It is a next level of security that helps to prevent data from attackers. A hacker who is carrying out a brute force attack to get an access to data will be shown that the key he entered is right (which in fact is false). Further, they are directed to phony results which appears to be genuine. To put it in a nutshell, it makes attackers to think that they have guessed the right key and have gained access to the true content. However, in reality the guess and the content both are false. It is a way to fool the hackers.


These five trends are really bringing a lot of changes in the field of cryptography. As a student of this field, you should be well acquainted with these trends, also you can research more about them and frame an assignment around the same.


Summary: This article is about the top 5 buzzing trends in the field of Cryptography. Not only is it informative but also helpful for cryptography students.


Author: Marie Claire is an academic writer at Assignment Desk. She has helped many students through her assignment assistance. In her free time, she likes to play polo.

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