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The fun of the spa lies in enjoying the relaxing benefits of a Therapeutic Massage in American Fork, the pattern of which is familiar to almost everyone. For people who have not yet learned the benefits of this massage method, or who believe that massage has not really benefited them, we recommend thinking again.  Massage, and especially Therapeutic Massage, has very significant health benefits, beyond the happiness that can be experienced after a day at the spa.


What is a Therapeutic Massage in American Fork?

This is a great massage method for many reasons. First, the treatment is performed in a pleasant atmosphere, and the therapist begins with gentle massage movements. The patient lies without clothing on an elevated massage bed with a towel on the face and a light sheet on his body.

The massage therapist Utah starts the massage from the abdomen and performs long movements such as brushing along the back, shoulders, arms, lower back and legs. In the middle of treatment the patient is asked to indicate places in the body where he / she is experiencing pain, which the therapist focuses on, and the second half of the treatment focuses on the upper back and shoulders, front arms and calves.

Therapeutic Massages are sometimes also used on a flat palm, in the pads of their hands or on their fingertips to exert strong pressure and assist in the release and extension of muscles. In contrast to stimulus styles of stress points in shiatsu or stretching methods such as Thai massage, Therapeutic Massage is specifically designed to improve blood flow to large muscle groups. Swedish massage for increased widespread relaxation - the main advantage of this massage method is the total relaxation it provides. Standard Swedish therapy lasts about half an hour to an hour, providing a solution to painful conditions associated with the body's most important muscle groups.


The treatment is performed on a soft treatment bed, in a relaxing environment.  And the massage relaxes the patient's muscles, while the overall experience eliminates mental stress and even replicates the circulatory system's movements.  By performing massage movements towards the heart, a Swedish massage drains the metabolic waste from the extremities.

Therapeutic Massage in American Fork for pain relief - This massage method is also an integral part of pain management programs after sports injuries or chronic pain.

The treatment focuses on individual areas of pain such as ankle sprain, or it is used to help deal with chronic pain associated with conditions such as arthritis. Through the massage that improves blood flow and increases relaxation throughout the body, the masseur handles many painful situations.


An exercise to relieve fatigue, depression and anxiety - One recent study looked at the effectiveness of Therapeutic Massage to reduce fatigue in cancer patients.  In March 2015, Emory University announced the continuation of clinical trials related to the benefits of massage medicine.  The report said that previous studies have already shown that massage therapy boosts the immune system and reduces anxiety in people without cancer.

Scientists believe that there are many positive effects that can be obtained from massage therapy and they hope to prove that among other biological benefits, Therapeutic Massage in American Fork may reduce cancer-related fatigue.  The massage has also been studied as an aid to patients suffering from nerve disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

In 2014, scientists at the University of Utah American Fork Medical School conducted a study that followed 24 people with multiple sclerosis who participated in a five-week Therapeutic Massage in American Fork trial.  Half of the participants received massages for 45 minutes twice a week, while the other half received regular medical treatment. Compared to the control group, patients in the Therapeutic Massage group experienced less depression, decreased anxiety, improved social functioning, better self-esteem, and improved body image.

These findings are linked to the idea that massage reduces cortisone levels, or "stress" hormone. Scientists believe the massage lowers cortisone while increasing serotonin, leading to a feeling of happiness and exhilaration.

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