The 5 Best Smart Watches in India

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What are the best smartwatches in India? Smartwatches come with a lot of features and functionalities, but which one will be best for you? Are smartwatches worth it? We’ll tell you all about the best smartwatches available in India and help you decide which one to buy if you are planning to buy one soon. Here are our picks for the best smartwatches in India

1) Xiaomi Watch S1 

The Xiaomi Watch S1 is a unique and quirky smartwatch with bold looks and even bolder features. For instance, it’s waterproof, supports GPS, comes with an E-Compass, has a built-in heart rate monitor, and lets you stream music straight from your Smartphone. You also get all these features at half of what most other smartwatches cost. To know more about it, read the full Xiaomi Watch S1 review.


2) Samsung Galaxy Watch

The best smartwatch for Android users. It works with any Android Smartphone, and it looks great on both men and women. The Galaxy Watch is water-resistant, so you can use it in a swimming pool or wear it while washing your hands. It’s compatible with most smartphones running Android 4.4 or later, including Samsung Galaxy devices, and iOS 8 or later Apple devices.


3) Titan Smart Smart watch

This smartwatch is stylish, looks great on your wrist, and is reasonably priced. It comes with a Tizen-based operating system, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Titan Smart has a large display that lets you interact well with notifications on calls and messages. It also tracks your health stats such as distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep quality.

4) Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

If you’re looking for an activity tracker with a bit more style and color than others, Garmin’s Fenix 5 Plus is a good option. This sports watch lets you track your heart rate and other fitness stats using its various sensors—the built-in heart rate monitors accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, altimeter, and barometer. It can also measure VO2 max (your fitness level) to help gauge your progress over time.

5) Fossil Q Explorist HR

Great for those who prefer a touch screen display, Fossil’s Q Exploits HR features almost everything you could ask for from a smartwatch. This device has a heart rate monitor (which can be used to track calories burned), a VO2 tracker, and even automatic activity recognition thanks to its built-in GPS. The Exploits HR also lasts forever on a single charge—over two days and nights—while offering Smartphone notifications along with customizable watch faces.


When it comes to smartwatches, there are a number of options that you can choose from. Each of these products offers unique features and other specifications that will help to make your use of them much easier. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line smartwatch, one with all of the newest and most advanced features, then look no further than one of our top picks for the best smartwatch in India.

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