The 3 Best Adventure Fiction Books For Adults Of The 21st Century

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Anyone who has written a book will tell you that coming up with a standard ending is brutal. However, a genre of adventure fiction books contradicts this notion, claiming that a book should have dozens of possible endings and, more importantly, that the reader should have control over the storyline and endings along the way. This genre is affectionately referred to as "choose your adventure." Let's take a trip back 30 years before discussing the best adult "choose your own adventure" books.

These used books for sale, which were once a fixture of an 80s and 90s childhood, were organised so that after a few pages of reading, a decision was provided. Findings can lead to a variety of outcomes. Many of us had forgotten about these books for a long time, believing they were only for children's mysteries.

Despite this, the genre has survived into the current era, with a flood of books aimed squarely at adults. These engaging choose-your-own-adventure books are no longer just for youngsters. Adventure books for adults are increasingly available and can be used as teaching resources in higher grades.

Are you ready for your next thrilling literary adventure? We've compiled a list of the top adult "choose your own adventure" books and instructional resources below and a helpful purchase guide to getting you started.

The Top 3 "Choose Your Own Adventure" Books for Adults at a Glance

  1. To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure

Do you enjoy classic literature but yearn for a thrill to go along with the old-school plot points? Ryan North's 'To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure' puts you in charge of a famous plot. You begin as the Prince of Denmark, still grieving over your father's death. Worse, your mother recently remarried your uncle. How do you approach such a difficult situation?


This book takes you on a wonderfully illustrated journey through Shakespeare's great tragedy, "Hamlet," allowing you to choose the fate of these cherished characters. You have complete control over Hamlet's decisions, which can lead to some fascinating results. 

Anyone who enjoys classic literature will like dipping into a familiar story in a new style. Furthermore, you need not be familiar with the original to appreciate this story completely. It's a brilliant retelling of an old tale that takes you on a wild and humorous journey to recreate a timeless narrative.

  1. If

Do you find yourself wondering, "What if?" Regularly? The majority of us do. Many of us spend much of our time wondering if we could have changed our life if we had made different decisions. 'If,' by Nicholas Bourbaki is one of the best adult "choose your own adventure" books because it encourages you to confront existential questions head-on.


When the book begins, you are a nameless protagonist from California's northern half. You're given a choice at the end of each chapter and compelled to make a significant decision. As the story quickly veers towards twenty-two alternative endings, these choices don't just propel the plot forward; they also determine your entire identity as a character.

This book is ideal for serious thinkers who love to contemplate life, freedom, and the power of choice. However, it is not for everyone.

  1. Lost in Austen: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure

Jane Austen's characters are perhaps some of the most well-known and unforgettable. However, many of us can't help but wonder, "What if our favourite Jane Austen novels ended differently?" 'Lost in Austen: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure,' by Emma Campbell Webster, allows fans of Jane Austen and classic literature to choose their own Jane Austen-style adventure using these well-known characters.

Of all, the impact of your decisions makes this one of the best "choose your own adventure" books for adults. While your choices will shape your overall journey, your success in the novel will be determined by your performance in five areas: accomplishments, intelligence, confidence, relationships, and luck. 

Make a list for each of the five categories on numerous sheets of paper. For example, you start with excellent Intelligence and Confidence ratings but poor fortune, accomplishments, and connections scores. To maximise your chances of finding a good match, you should aim to raise your score.

Any Austen fan will enjoy this fresh take on the genre. We couldn't have been happier.


Adult "choose your adventure" books might differ depending on your preferences and genre. Nonetheless, we've compiled a list of the best of the best to assist you in finding your next thrilling and delightful adventure novel. 

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to read a "choose your own adventure" book, which is why they are so entertaining. This genre can be a significant source of amusement if you wish to relive your childhood or take control of a book's plot and finale.

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