Supplementing with Barley? Is Barley Beneficial for Kidney Health?

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A brief look at Barley:

Barley is an ancient food and is also used as a remedy or an elixir to good health. It is an incredible beverage and therefore has been included by our ancestors in their daily diet since the dawn of civilization. It is also known as a power grain. It has long been used to make cereals and as a substitute for rice. Along with the use as a cereal because of its immense health benefits, barley water is also used in plenty.

Barley water is also referred to as the "Elixir to Good Health". It has been discovered to help lower the raised blood cholesterol levels, improve blood sugar management in the body, calm bowel movements, reduce the risk of heart disease, and act as a nourishing soup for fever, colds, and coughs. Additionally, a few researches demonstrate that barley water has been discovered to be crucial in preserving renal health.

Kidney stones have also been reported to respond well to Barley. Barley water helps in removing certain minerals from the body, such as calcium and phosphorus. This, barley water, also enhances urine output. Due to its diuretic effect, it also reduces kidney stone development and proliferation. If kidney damage is brought on by oxidative stress, it is additionally protective against that damage. Due to its antioxidant characteristics, it has also been discovered to be useful in preserving good kidney function.

It has been discovered that Barley is a kidney- and diabetes-friendly food. It can be helpful in reducing excessive creatinine levels to some extent by assisting in controlling diabetes and kidney damage.


Ayurveda proposes ways to lead a healthy life. The guidelines begin with the intake of a healthy, nutritious, and wholesome diet. It describes three pillars of life (taraya upasthambhas ); diet is one of them. Kasyapa Samhita Khilasthanam, says, “आरोग्यं भोजनाधीनं।”, i.e. your health depends on your food.

Ayurveda has described, categorized, and explained each food in great detail, and thus it makes Ayurveda a unique system of medicine. Among the various bowls of cereal and pulses described in Ayurveda, Barley is mentioned as "yava". It is suggested as a food item worthy of daily intake as it carries immense health benefits.

Barley: History

Originated in Egypt, Ethiopia, or Tibet, it is among the most cultivated cereals. Vedas and Upanishads have detailed descriptions of Yava or Barley. It is also known as Jowar. It is a rabi cereal crop. 

In Ayurveda, Barley has been mentioned as Yavam. It is a Suka dhanyas and is explained as dry, cold, heavy, and sweet. It has good laxative properties. It increases stability, helps generate feces, and clarifies the channels because of its specific action. It helps to pacify diseases of the urinary tract, helps in fat metabolism, and helps maintain Pitta and Kapha dosha. It is also helpful in reducing rhinitis, asthma, cough, pain in the thighs, throat diseases, and skin diseases.

रुक्षः शीतो गुरुः स्वादुः सरो विड्वातकृत् यवः।

वृष्य: स्थैर्यकरो मूत्रमेदःपित्तकफान् जयेत् ।।

पीनसश्वासकासोरुस्तंभकंठत्वगामयान् ।(As. Hri.6/ 12)

Therapeutic uses of Barley in Ayurveda

Ayurveda employs Yava in a variety of therapeutic formulations as well as diet in several santarpanajanya roga, or diseases brought on by overeating, such as diabetes. Yava kshara is an ayurvedic remedy. It is made from the entire barley plant and is used to cure urinary disorders and abdominal pain; and is also used as an ingredient in many traditional ayurvedic remedies.

Certain ayurvedic texts describe various preparations that use yava combined with Vidanga (Embelia ribes) and are recommended for cardiac problems brought on by worm infestation. 

Health benefits of Barley

Barley is considered an awesome grain, as it is used as whole grain and is low in calories and high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It is regarded as the new Quinoa because it carries enormous health advantages. It is rich in Vitamin B, such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, pantothenic acid, etc. 

  • Barley carries diuretic properties. Therefore, it is a commonly used natural remedy for urinary tract infections.

  • Barley is a rich source of beta-glucans. Therefore it helps in maintaining cardiac health and general body detoxification.

  • Barley is considered good for maintaining bone health. It is a rich source of phosphorus, calcium, and copper for healthy bones. 

  • Barley helps in skin rejuvenation. It is a rich source of selenium that helps maintain skin health.

  • Barley is considered good for people with diabetes too. It is a food with a low glycemic index and provides greater satiety value. 

  • Barley also helps in reducing blood pressure. 

  • Barley is rich in phytochemicals- phenolic acid, flavonoids, etc. Therefore it exhibits antioxidant, anti-proliferative, and cholesterol-lowering properties. 

Although it has been extensively suggested due to its various health benefits, it is also advised to consult your diet counsellor and ayurvedic physician before adding it to your diet. A physician or diet counsellor will help you identify the proportion of barley to be included in your diet, per your body condition and requirements. 

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