Suggested Daily and Weekly Pool Cleaning Maintenance

by Kevin Smith Author

Maintaining your pool, in between the time when professional pool cleaners in Atlanta come out, will help to keep down complications with your pool. It will also keep up appearances and help ensure the safety of those in the pool. Here are little things you can do to help extend the life of your pool and keep it safe and clean.

Daily Clean Off Leaves and Other Debris

Clearing leaves, other particles, and debris from the top of your pool is a task that should be done daily. You may use a long-handled leaf skimmer to remove anything floating in your pool that shouldn’t be there. When debris is allowed to remain, it can sink to the bottom and create stains or other issues, like clogging up your filtration system. If there is a tree close by creating a leaf problem in your pool, consider trimming the tree back, a bit, or having it removed. 

Brush the Walls to Prevent Algae

Algae, debris, and sediments can settle on the sides of your pool walls. They can even settle on your pool slides, ladders, and stairs. You should brush the walls of your pool, and all of your internal pool accessories and fixtures where algae could settle, every week. Simply, use a brush to do this. Remember, to brush all debris in the direction of the main drain to make it easier to be vacuumed, later.

Vacuum and Clean Your Skimmer

Now, you should vacuum up all of the debris that have settled to the bottom of your pool. The steps to performing this will vary depending on what type of vacuum you have. After the vacuuming is complete, you should make sure you take the time to clean out your pool skimmers. This should happen at least weekly or everytime after you skim the top of your pool. 

Run your Pump

This step should be performed daily. Run the pump to ensure properly filtered water and that each part of your pool’s filtration system is operating in top shape. This system includes the filter, the skimmer, pump strainer, the pump, and drains. Running the pump will help keep your water clean.

Keep your pool tidy and healthily enjoyable, between your professional pool cleanings.

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