Sugar Free Alternatives For Diabetics

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There is no denying the fact that diabetes cases are on the rise. This has also made people aware of the harmful consequences of consuming sugar. For the same reason, artificial sweeteners came into the picture. A lot of diabetes patients consume these sugar-free alternatives and lead a healthy, carefree life.    

Harmful effects of excess sugar consumption

People with or without diabetes should refrain themselves from taking excess sugar as this may lead to increased risk of insulin resistance besides kidney damage and obesity.The discernible fact, however, remains that it is not possible to completely avoid sugar. But, one can keep a check on his or her sugar intake and avoid the harmful effects that tag along with sugar consumption. That is why the sugar substitutes, be it natural or artificial, have become the norm of the day. Moreover, with the advent of sugar-free food items like sugar free rusks and biscuits is further making it easier for diabetics to expand their diet.

Below-mentioned is the list of sugar alternatives for diabetics. Have a look:

·         Stevia

A calorie-free plant extract, stevia comes from the leaf of stevia plants. Its calorie-free nature makes it all the more suitable for diabetes patients. When a diabetic consumes it, his/her blood sugar level remains unaffected. It also doesn’t enhance the obesity level of the patient, further helping him/her to lead a healthy life. Sweeter than sugar in taste, Stevia is generally consumed in low quantities.

·         Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is a great sugar free alternative for diabetes patients. It tastes like brown sugar and contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals which are, in fact, good for the health. It also has antioxidants which are generally not found in the table sugar. Moreover, since its glycemic index is quite low, it doesn’t bring any changes in the insulin or blood sugar levels of a diabetic consuming it.

·         Aspartame

An artificial sweetener, Aspartame is way sweeter than sugar. Some studies have also showed that it is almost 200 times sweeter. Having low-calorie content, it doesn’t increase the blood sugar levels of the diabetes patient consuming it. 

Besides taking the aforementioned sugar free alternatives, people living with diabetes must also keep a check on their diet. Instead of taking unhealthy food items like white bread, they must focus on eating healthy diet including green leafy vegetables, pulses, and other low-calorie foods.

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