Street Photography Techniques Only a Few Professional Photographers Know

by Shaumik Maurya Graphic Designer

Initially, street photography seems like going out, waiting for amazing moment and taking a shot. Actually, it is one of the most challenging types of photography. Sometimes, you have to wait too long to capture some amazing moments. Once they appear, you shouldn’t miss them. But you can still get great street photos. Here are some of the best street photography tricks you should know.

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Increase ISO

Lights are not easy to capture in street scenes. You never know when you have missed some of the best moments as they come and go in a snap. So, you need to set the camera so it can capture fast moving shots. First thing you need to consider is shutter speed. To ensure sharp photos, keep the shutter speed to 1/250th of one second. You can be slower to 1/125 or 1/160 to allow more light to flow at night. Don’t go slower than that as it will add motion blur.

Next up, you can use smaller aperture to get more depth of field. Obviously, it is a personal choice. There is less of a chance to ruin your images. Even a slight difference in a focus on main subject can reduce the quality with larger depth of field. You can use smaller aperture to get all the interesting subjects in your scene. If you are not shooting in direct sunlight, you should raise your ISO which is the only way to use small aperture and fast shutter speed. Most people are afraid to use ISO but noise in modern cameras look better than it was in older cameras decades ago.

Capture some street portraits

If you are beginner in street photography and feeling nervous on trying it, you can take some portraits to get comfortable. You can get in the mood and get used to capturing people. You may stop some random people, tell you are doing your project and you thought they looked perfect. You may offer them to email their photos. Instead of taking just a few quick photos, take good portrait shots.  Consider the background and bring out and capture their persona. They will love your effort.

Let the Action Begin

Slow down and let the action to come on your way. Some people just walk quickly when going from one place to another. Pick an area and let things to come to you. Compositions come together. Wait for the scene to balance out as objects and people move around with shift in visual weight. This technique is just for you if you are not ready for urban and street photography. Let your subjects to enter your space rather than you entering someone else’s space. You can easily take a photo of them and you will be in better position to capture them.

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Do some acting

When it comes to capture street pictures, you can do some acting. All street photographers don’t do the same. But it can be helpful to get the shots you want. Acting is a great technique. It won’t spoil the moments and everyone doesn’t have to stop and ask if you took their picture. You just want to capture good pictures, without making others uncomfortable. It is better to pretend you haven’t seen your subjects. Well, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Avoid doing something like ‘camera snap’. Photographers quickly remove the camera a bit after capturing image. It is the way someone notices that they are captured. So, capture the image and keep camera at the face and wait for the subjects to pass by. It seems you capture the background and they are in your way. As you gain experience, you will know when and how to use such techniques.

It’s not all about Beauty

Street photography is not all about beautiful image. You obviously need the colors, lighting and tones to have some quality. But it is not the only purpose of this photography type. Be sure that images are interesting. As you go along the streets, recognize how much a location or subject can communicate something, instead of just beauty. Draw out emotions of people and add their curiosity. You can create gritty, weird or abstract images. All in all, you need to accept imperfection.

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