Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, What to Expect and When to Expect It

by John Martin Engineer
Star Trek has been an iconic name in the motion picture world since the year it first came to screens in 1966. Star Trek: The Original Series, or “TOS”, as it was later come to be known began the slew of what has been a host of sci-fi films and series, which has an ever-increasing cult following till date. The Star Trek franchise has been feeding its audience with new movies and series to keep its fans on their toes and their interest bubbling. The latest in addition to that has been the series of Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Piccard. Although these two have very different viewpoints of the Star Trek universe, than the original theme of going where no one has ever gone, the news of another spin-off has now promised the return to the old ways. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is now majorly focused on Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock and number One, who were left behind in the 23rd century after the USS Discovery warped into the future in the season 2 finale of Star Trek: Discovery.
The announcement of the new series has created a new wave of enthusiasm as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds promises to go back to the initial idea of the franchise, which was to “boldly go where no man has ever gone”. One of the reasons why this spin-off was initiated was because the trio of Captain Pike, Officer Spock, and Number One, who are the protagonists of the upcoming series, were significant hits when they were first introduced on the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. Strange New World takes place in the iconic USS Enterprise about a decade before the iconic Captain James T. Kirk takes over. Alex Kurtzman, the executive producer of the series reportedly told in an interview that the overwhelming love that Captain Kirk, Officer Spock and Number One got in the previous series is one of the primary reasons why the spin-off was brought into action. He further exclaimed that these characters are very deeply rooted in the Star Trek canon and there is so much yet to show the fans. It’s surely going to be an exciting journey for everyone interested and connected to Star Trek TV.


The question of the date when Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will eventually hit the screens has been a matter of debate. Quite like the problems faced by our characters in the various Star Trek franchises, we are facing something similar, the covid-19 pandemic. The unforeseen outbreak has understandably put a halt on all the productions of the upcoming series. Especially regarding a series like Star Trek, which is heavily involved with video effects, there are long hours of post-production work involved. Executives from the franchise have reportedly said that they have no idea when Strange New Worlds will go into production and that the possibility of the series hitting the screens might be the first half of 2021. Still, that assumption too is being optimistic. It could just as easily move down the line.
But luckily, the fans of the Star Trek universe do not need to spend too much time without their dose of Star Trek, as the third season of Star Trek: Discovery will hit the screens soon with another animated series. And the second season of Star Trek: Piccard is to go into production as soon as the lockdown norms are eased. “The intention is to have something like Star Trek on the air all the time, but not necessarily on top of each other,” Kurtzman told the Hollywood Reporter back in April 2019. And they have it pretty much covered with the upcoming shows.


The cast for the new show is pretty similar to the actors that played the roles in the previous series of Star Trek: Discovery. With Anson Mount playing the revered role of Captain Pike, hoping to fill in the shoes or pointy ears in this case of Leonard Nimoy is Ethan Peck who returns as Spock. And as for the role of number one, Rebecca Romijn returns to fill the void.
The opportunity that the writers for the upcoming series have is vast as the stories of these characters have not been shown any record of in the previous installments even though they have been on-board the enterprise longer than the famous Captain Kirk. Therefore this is prime storytelling territory. The expectancy for the series is high as there are various well-known instances throughout the timeline that Strange New Worlds can touch on right onto the end of Pike’s tragic story. It’s sure to be a thrilling ride to come. 

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