Some simple exercise for easy weight loss

by Kautily Tomar Best gym in mayur vihar phase 1

We all know that exercise can be best way to lose weight but we not actually know that we have been practicing wrong way of exercises from last many weeks and thus we are not getting benefit from this. For perfect weight loss in a comparative less time it is essential that right routine of exercise is implemented and make sure that right exercise must be implemented.  When right exercises are done in daily routine an individual can feel real difference in just few days. With a right suggestion from a perfect trainer from a gym like Towarz Fitness center can help you know about just those exercises which can help you manage your weight rightly. Towarz Fitness center in mayur vihar is a perfect Health club in Mayur Vihar that can be trusted for knowing easy weight management exercises.

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Even though there are various exercises which can be applied in your daily routine for weight management but some of the exercises that can benefit you wisely in comparatively less time can be:

  • Lunges – Stand tall and by putting hands at your back, slowly go down with a 90 degree angle towards your leg one after the other take a pause and repeat again. 

  • Crunches – Lie down flat and then put your hands below your head. Now slowly bent your knees and by making 90 degree angles lift your legs up. With a break do this for at least 10 times. 

  • Burpees – stand strait and with some space between your two legs now slowly move you’re both hands down and touch the floor. Now jump your feet forward with all pressure on your hands.  Repeat this with breaks.

  • Twist crunches – This is a modified crunches. In this you can lie down on your back and then put your hand below your head now bend your knees now lift it up and move your body on either side. Repeat this. 

  • Bicycle exercise – This is easy but effective. Lie down and put your hand behind your head and lift both legs up and tilt it little from your knees, now bring your right knees close to your chest and then the left leg. In short you need to move your legs one after the other just like the bicycle.

  • Rolling plank – In this you need to keep your body in rest with your stomach at down now slowly put your body up with shoulder and toes of leg remain to be at rest. Pull your body up with all force on shoulders and toes. Repeat this for few times. 

  • Body weight exercise – In this you need to start with your arms at your sides and feet together now keeps your feet apart and raise your hands now jump to touch either of your knees with your hands. Left first and then right. 

  • Chair captain – For this exercise you need a chair on which you can sit to put your legs up such that your knees touches your chest. 

This are some real exercises which can help you lot in weight loss but it is essential that you do all this in a well managed way which is only possible with an expert trainer from Towarz Fitness center which is a Local gyms near Mayur Vihar phase 1. So visit it today. 

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