Some Popular Local Cheese Foods of Port Fairy A Family is Bound to Enjoy

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Port Fairy is popular among the tourists and its regional cheese foods seem to attract the same tourists. No one can ever forgo the delicious tastes.

Have you recently planned on a trip to Port Fairy with your family? It is an amazing decision you have ever made. But do you know that Port Fairy is known for some lingering cheese foods whose taste will make you book your ride to Port Fairy on the next vacations? So, would you like to know the interesting regional cheese foods you will be served at the family accommodation in Port Fairy? Then read till the last word.

1. Black Pearl

An interesting Australian cheese carefully produced in the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne is the Black Pearl. Black Pearl has won the guests hearts owing to its composition - composed of goats’ milk and having a wrinkly rind dusted with vine ash. The exterior is significantly different from the interiors - the interior is absolutely creamy, snow-white, silky and oozy. Its flavours are sweet and milky. This cheese is much milder compared to the other goat cheese. Black Pearl extends only for one to two weeks. Till it is young, the food is fresh and light, but as it ages its flavours become robust.

2. Edith

Hailing from Woodside, Edith is another tasty Australian cheese - a French-style cheese made from the pasteurised milk from goat and it is left to age for about 3 to 4 weeks. This regional food owes its name after the French woman whose skills had brought up this original recipe.  The texture underneath the ash-coated rind of Edith is much chalky till it is young. As it starts aging, Edith becomes smooth, runny, clotted and runny. With the aromas being mild, the flavours are savoury and nutty. Edith is served on a cheeseboard with tasty crusty bread and paired with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. You might want to take some to your hometown to gift your relatives and friends!

3. Japanese Slipper

Take a break from cheese and sip some cocktail! Japanese Slipper is a regional cocktail made with combined lemon juice, Midori liqueur and Cointreau in equal parts. All the ingredients are shaken with ice and then strained into a clean cocktail glass using maraschino cherry on the bottom. It is garnished with a honeydew melon slice.

4. Chelsea Blue

Chelsea Blue is the Australian cheese from Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne. Pasteurized cow’s milk is used for making the blue cheese and Roquefort spores are used for developing its salty, sweet and nutty flavours.
 It has a crumbly texture with sweet and nutty aromas. Chelsea blue is served with crackers, fresh salads and fresh bread. Often it is used in risottos. You can enjoy the dishes pairing it with a glass of dessert wine. So, when you visit Port Fairy with your friends or family members where everyone is adult and book a hotel near Port Fairy; in the evening while enjoying time together, dishes of Chelsea cheese with some dessert wine will simply add to the pleasures.

5. Grabetto

Garbett is the Australian semi-hard cheese from Victoria, where the Yarra Valley Diary produces the dish. Limited quantity goats’ milk is used for making Grabetto and it is sold in three versions, like fresh, semi-mature and mature.
The texture underneath the bloomy ash-dusted rind small conical cheese is crumbly, flaky and chalky. Its aromas are grassy and herbaceous and its flavours range from being nutty while it is still young and then become sharp and tangy as it goes on aging. Garbett mainly serves the purpose of table cheese.
6. McLaren

McLaren is the Australian camembert-style cheese from the Woodside, made using the pasteurised Friesian cow’s milk. The texture underneath this bloomy rind is chalky and as it ages, it becomes soft and creamy. Its rich, intense and mushroomy aromas with creamy, smooth flavours with slight mushroomy notes make it widely preferred and cherished.

How far are you from booking accommodation for your family at Port Fairy? Be quick if you want to relish some new tastes. The regional cheese foods will not only add to your sweet-tooth cravings but these will even help your taste buds to discover something so tasty. The major advantage of cheese foods is that they are suitable for all the ages - children to senior citizens.

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