Some Of The Most Recommended Bright Colors For No Tie Laces

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When getting new shoelaces for your sneakers, you would be surprised at how many color choices are available. With no tie laces, you have the option to wear up to 12 different colored laces among both your sneakers. So, when it comes to give your sneakers a new appearance, the possibilities are endless. 

Sneakers come in multiple different colors, but if you own sneakers in a dark color, such as black, charcoal gray, navy blue, or burgundy, one way to make them pop is to buy bright colored shoe laces for them. There are dark shoelaces that do go well with dark sneakers of a different color, but with bright shoelaces, they can look appealing in an entirely different way. 

Here are a list of our favorite bright colored shoe laces.


Contrary to what our readers might be thinking, we’re not just going to list the typical pastel colors, as there are other types of colors that consumers might not know they wanted in their no tie laces.

Khaki is a light tan color that is very common in clothing and design for its timelessness and versatility. It gives the wearer an impression of comfort and enjoyment, and is great to wear for both men and women. Examples of colored sneakers that can be worn with khaki no tie laces include black, navy blue, and dark brown. 


A great color that is great for kids yet acceptable for adults, turquoise is a color with a personality. It evokes calmness, patience, creativity, and refreshment. If you do not own a turquoise article of clothing, you are seriously missing out on how fun the color truly is. 

Turquoise is a popular color in general, but few understand how creative turquoise can truly get. Like shoelaces in khaki, turquoise no tie laces look very appealing with sneakers in navy blue or dark brown, but in completely different ways. If you are looking for a bright, saturated color that doesn’t look too flamboyant, consider turquoise shoelaces for your sneakers.


Canvas is a bright color that is, in essence, the combination of light gray and white. Considered an “off white” canvas is a color that still captures the properties of white without being white itself. Canvas has a vintage and classic look to it that is good for teens and adults. Canvas has that warm color tone that is comparable to tan and khaki. 

Canvas no tie laces are great with sneakers of a certain color, such as red or blue. They are most ideal for two things: Making your sneakers look more authentic, and not taking anything away from the original color on the sneaker that you admire. Design-savvy sneaker owners will often prefer canvas no tie laces over shoelaces that are basic white in color. 

Hot Pink 

Hot pink is loud and expressive with a warm color tone. It’s a shade of pink that is too dark to be playful, yet too bright to be mature, making it the perfect color for sneaker owners who want to express their outlandish personality one way or the other. 

For that clean and retro look, hot pink no tie laces look best on sneakers that are black, but you can also consider other sneaker colors, too, such as blue, purple, or red. Pink is a color that is predominantly for women, but there are men who love wearing hot pink, too, thanks to its rebellious nature. 

Minty Green

Green is the color of energy, freshness, growth, and the environment. Minty green has a cool color tone, and of all the shades of green, it is a color that is not just bright in appearance, but pale and tame as well, making it suitable for all ages.  

Minty green can be an invigorating color, which can stand out against dark colored sneakers such as black, dark gray, purple, and more. Like turquoise and hot pink, minty green is loaded with personality and can give your sneakers a breath of fresh air, for lack of a better term.

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