Solar Inverter versus Power Inverter

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Technology nowadays is advancing at a very fast pace. With every passing day, we enter into a world full of gadgets, technology, inventions and many more. With the rising population and their increasing demands, people are looking for alternative sources of energy to meet the demands. As the conventional and exhausting forms of energy are depleting at a great speed, we really need to look out for the nonconventional and inexhaustible sources of energy. One such example is solar energy. Solar Energy is an unlimited and inexhaustible source of energy. Also, it is available at a zero price. The sun out there shining in all its glory is available 24 × 7 and emitting a huge amount of sunlight. This sunlight can be used in multiple things. One such use of it is converting it into electrical energy and producing electricity. Just imagine a nonstop electricity supply with minimal bills !!! Shocked? This is possible because of solar panels. Even though the installation cost is a bit high, the subsequent reduction in bills is what we want and what it compensates. The government too is encouraged to install more solar panels so that it can convert solar energy into electrical energy. They are providing subsidies for the same. The frequent power cuts are also encouraging for the same. But talking about solar energy, one naturally doubts​ about the working of a solar inverter.

But before coming to this, we need to discuss a little more about solar panels, grid connect and off-grid connect systems. In a grid connect solar system, the photovoltaic panels are connected to the main power supply but in the off-grid solar panel system, it is independent and relies purely on itself. Solar panels are cost-effective and won't dig holes in your pockets with the expensive electricity bills.


What do you mean by an inverter and how does it work?

A power inverter or a solar inverter is a device that converts a direct current or DC into an alternating current or AC. The ones which we use at our homes convert the DC of batteries to AC so that it can be used by our appliances effectively as all the appliances work only at AC. A solar inverter also converts DC into AC if it is an off-grid connect system. In the case of a grid-connected system, the DC power is obtained from the solar panels and given to the grid connect system.

The home UPS or inverter has a compact association of batteries that are connected to the power connection of home at one end and the solar panel power supply on the other end. When the solar panel is supplying the power, the batteries in the inverter get charged and when the supply stops, the stored power in the batteries in DC form is converted into AC and then supplied to the homes. The normals UPS has an automated sensing mechanism with the help of which changes automatically when the power supply stops. The same mechanism is used by the off-grid connect solar panel system in which the batteries store the power into DC form and then convert them back into AC form whenever required or when there is a shortage of power supply. Now we know from this that is the solar inverter depends upon two factors to work efficiently - first, a continuous supply of solar energy to make the solar panels work and hence, let the batteries store the power into them. Second, the power stored in the batteries needs to be converted into AC form so that they can supply these to the home appliances to make them work. The home UPS or solar inverter in an off-grid connect system work almost similarly and one can switch between the main power supply of solar to the grid according to need.


Working of a solar inverter in the grid connect solar system

The solar inverter in a grid connect solar system works a little bit differently. The sole purpose of this type of inverter is also the same, to convert DC into AC. But additionally,​ they require an MPPT ( Maximum Power Point Tracking ) feature added to it. MPPT allows solar inverters to withdraw the maximum amount of power from the panels. The off-grid connect solar system sends back the excess amount of power generated.


In short, the solar inverter is a long term benefiter. One can easily go with it if he wants to save money. It is easy to use and very convenient to maintain.

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