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Despite the point that electronic cigarettes have been available to the public for the better part of eight years, there still continues to be a lot of false information about them. And with the number of new e-cig customers improving quickly every day, we thought it best to emphasise our visitors about some of the simpler information about electronic cigarettes. We are banned from advertising (or even indicating that) electronic cigarettes could be used as ‘smoking cessation’ gadgets, so we certainly won’t here! We can only validate what we know to be the information about them.


Fact 1: Digital Cigarettes Are ‘Smokeless’


The latest story in a research paper estimated a physician as declaring that electronic cigarettes of Vape Store ‘involve combustion” and therefore indicating that they are no better for customers than cigarettes. This is of course complete junk and can be easily noticed by anyone, just by collecting an e-cig and looking at it! There are no cigarettes or burning involved; there is nothing ‘lit’ and no cigarettes is produced from the gadgets at all – just a water-based fumes.


Fact 2: Digital Cigarettes don’t Contain the Substances Discovered in Tobacco Smoke


One of the finest benefits of the e-cig of Vaporizer in Toronto is that it does not contain the pollutants seen in cigarettes. According to the U.S. FDA, there are more than 4,000 harmful chemicals and nearly 50 harmful toxins seen in cigarettes, such as tar and co. You will find none of these things within the standard water fumes produced by e-cigs.


Fact 3: Digital Cigarettes are Not In the UK Smoking Cigarettes Ban


It is true that entrepreneurs and property owners in the UK have the legal right to prevent e-cig use on their property if they so wish. But, because e-cigarettes do not include ‘lit tobacco’ create any smoking at all; they are not exposed to the nationwide smoking ban. To date, the UK Govt has not taken any formal position on these gadgets, except in the case of its ‘Behavioral Ideas Team’, (aka ‘Nudge Unit’), which has actually come out openly motivating their use.


Hopefully, this information clears up some of the misunderstandings that tend to appear about electronic cigarettes and vape shop online. There is much more information found throughout our website, so take a moment to have a good look around.

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