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by Lucy Petterson The Mindful Dentist in London
Pearly white teeth are extremely appealing to look at. But the truth is, a very minor portion of the population is able to have their teeth in the perfect white shade. Often there is a wide variety of reasons for teeth to get stained or discolored. But worry not, with today’s dental advancements; it is possible to make teeth brighter and whiter safely. You can choose from several options, be it treatment by a professional dentist for Teeth Whitening South East London or with at-home whitening products. And, contrary to the popular belief, teeth whitening is completely safe when the procedure is done by experts. Even over the counter procedures would not have any side effects if the product’s prescribed directions are followed judiciously. 

Teeth whitening options
When looking out for options for Teeth Whitening South East London, you are bound to come across many options, leaving you confused when trying to make a choice.Such options can broadly be categorized into three types
Administered in the clinic by a dentist
Prescribed by a dental expert but used at home
Obtained from drug stores over-the-counter

There are several factors to consider for deciding the type of treatment you should opt for. Some of them include- 
Extent of discoloration
Cost of treatment
Age- adult or a child
Dental history of previous treatments if any like fillings/ crowns
However, a dentist is the best person you should consider when you wish to discuss the type of method that is best for you. Tooth whitening involves the use of chemicals and could leave you with lifelong troubles if not done with care and caution.
Professional teeth whitening

A dentist has at his disposal several methods in which teeth can be whitened. The most common and the preferred amongst them are bleaching with carbamide peroxide (also known as Urea Hydrogen Peroxide). This breaks down to hydrogen peroxide and urea. These chemicals target the tooth’s color in a chemical reaction. Though it involves the use of chemicals, it is considered a safe way to whiten teeth.

What happens in an ‘In-Office’ treatment?
The best thing about an in-office whitening treatment is that it works very quickly. Also, the whitening effect lasts longer than any other treatment procedures. Such treatment generally only requires an hour’s visitto a professional dentist. But if your teeth are extremely discolored, it may require a more visit over a few days. Since it is done completely under the guidance of a certified professional, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide used is quite higher than in any do-at-home products. After applying the desired concentration of the bleaching agent, the dentist may also use laser light on the teeth. This helps to speed up the whitening process. This is the most recommended type of teeth whitening option. An in-office treatment is absolutely recommended when the patient has other dental complications like receding gums or lesions.

What is ‘At-home’ treatment through a dentist?
You can even whiten your teeth at home, under the guidance of a dentist. In such a method, the dentist provides you with custom-fit trays that fit inside your mouth. You are required to add a special gel to the tray and insert it inside your mouth for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. The dentist would give you details on how much gel to add, how long to keep the tray inserted in the mouth and how many days such a thing needs to be done. Usually, such treatment lasts for a couple of weeks.

Over the counter options
The market today offers a huge number of over-the-counter (OTC) products that promise to whiten stained teeth. Such products usually do not have carbamide peroxide. But, OTC products do not work effectively on intrinsically discolored teeth. Also, such products show a slow and lesser effective outcome.

Whitening toothpaste- Whitening toothpaste does not contain carbamide peroxide. They usually contain abrasives and chemical blue covarine. It is recommended to use such toothpaste for brushing over a couple of weeks to see visible results.

Whitening strips- Whitening strip are available in a wide variety of options, each with varying concentrations of the bleaching agent- hydrogen peroxide. Such strips can be applied on the teeth one or two times a day for a set duration, details of which would be provided by the manufacturer.

The Mindful Dentist
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