Skin tightening treatment- Do best skin tightening treatment that really work

by Durre najaf Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

As a person ages, their skin becomes loose, causing wrinkles to be formed on the skin. With the passing time skin of a person become saggier. The face of a person starts to look bad and could create a problem for the people who care about their skin. In the past, people used different remedies to tackle the problem of sagged skin but none worked as effectively as treatments offered by a modern cosmetic procedure. Best Skin tightening treatment in Abu Dhabi which works wonders when it comes to sagged and loosed skin.

Skin tightening procedures

There are many cosmetic procedures used for the skin tightening and all of these technique works quite well. It involves both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Laser skin tightening

It is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure which uses high intensity such as the laser to achieve its goal. There is little pain involved in the procedure. When laser light is focused on a specific area of the body then it increases the collagen production in that area is initiated contacts and tightens the skin in that area. The effects of this treatment are evident after the first session. The procedure has no downtime which makes it one of the best procedure for skin tightening. The full results of the treatments are visible after three to four sessions and there is a month gap between each treatment.

Radiofrequency skin tightening

It is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment which uses radio waves to heats up the skin and achieves its goal. In this procedure, skin is bombarded with the radio frequency. Different devices use different radio waves to tighten the skin. However, the end goal is achieved by heating the skin with radio waves. Heat is the key to achieve the results. By utilizing heat produced by radio waves collagen production is initiated in the target area which helps in the production of new cells in that area. The new skin formed is firmer and smooth compared to the old one.

Ultrasound skin tightening

Ultrasound waves carry energy with them and when these waves are focused on a specific area of a body. This energy heats up the skin which increases the collagen production in that part of the body due to which skin becomes tighter and firmer. Ultrasound waves could be customized to the needs of patients to penetrate different layers of skin. The waves could be focused to skip the top layers and effects the deeper layers of skin.

Surgical skin tightening

Plastic surgery helps a lot in skin tightening. There are many surgical procedures that can tackle the skin problems such as tummy tuck, lower body lift, facelift and arm lift. The procedures work amazingly well when it comes to tightening the skin. These procedures not only tighten the skin but also remove fat as well as excess skin. Due to the surgical nature of these procedures, it requires more recovery time. The procedures also require anesthesia and leave scars on parts of the body. The results of these procedures are immediate and last for a longer time.


Micro-needling is a procedure which peels off the old skin and makes way for new skin. Micro-needling is an invasive procedure and is usually performed under anesthesia. In this procedure, hundreds of tinny super fine needles are used to create small puncture wounds on the skin which are not visible to the naked eye. When these injuries are created they initiated the production of collagen. After the initiation of collagen production new skin is formed which is smoother and firmer than the old skin.

All of these procedures can tighten the skin so that you don’t have to worry about sagged skin. Skin tightening in Abu Dhabi will give you the skin that you desire.


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