Senior Citizen Home: A Place to Live Healthy and Safe

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As your days start setting and you get into old age phase. Your responsibilities towards life start to diminish. It is like a golden pack of days where you can be the way you want to. Your retiring days from work, all worldly chores and acts will at a full stop. All you will have is how to live a healthy and safe lifestyle to savour the experiences of these sun setting days.

Old age is said to be as “second childhood” as teeth start falling, getting emotional and stubborn, loose soft skin, sensitive and lot more as a child. As you get old, it is implicit that your immune system processes aren’t going to be as great and efficient as it was before in your youth days. It is very likely to get some advance age diseases like Alzheimer or dementia. To make senior citizens get that extra care and support they need there are the best old age homes in Delhi. Vardaan healthcare is one of the organizations which are up with an initiative for years to give a healthy lifestyle by senior citizen home for older people.

They facilitate multiple ways with all needed adequate services to make seniors manage their advanced age impairments or ailments. It is one of the best senior citizen care centre in India as the organization gives top-notch priority to give better services and improves the functioning by time to time as per need.

1. Dementia health care service: The main service and the field they work into are providing sufficient health care to seniors who are having dementia. This impairment mainly was seen in old age people and happens in advanced age. It can be led to difficulties to seniors as they tend to forget, can’t remember for longer etc. This ailment can’t be cured but the ways that are being opted for managing this disease are:

  • Giving continuous assistance as per the need and requirement. If needed even it would be given later when their ailment will be managed. 
  • All adequate medical assistant with a trained staff of nurses will be provided.

2. Alzheimer health care: This is the type of impairment or disease that older people suffer from, in which they tend to get difficulty in doing their basic day to day activities with ease like bathing, going to washroom etc.

Ways under it:

  • 24 hours in the centre and even an in-house assistant by trained nurses. They tend to give guidance and assists senior citizens in doing basic activities. 
  • Assisted living care is given to them mainly in the early stage of Alzheimer. 

Other services that are being practised in are:

  • Care by nurses
  • Paralytic senior care
  • Ryle’s tube feeding facility
  • Physiotherapies (types)
  • Terminally ill senior citizens
  • Timely medical check-up
  • Regular diabetic monitoring
  • Handicapped senior care

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