Second Migration from Makkah to Abyssinia

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After the first migration from Makkah to Abyssinia which was suggested by Prophet (SAW) because of Quraysh oppression, the second migration was carried on from the Muslims. Since the first migration became successful as Prophet (SAW) had strongly believed because the King of Abyssinia was kind and sympathetic. Despite accusing Muslims against Christianity from an envoy of Quraysh, King gave a chance to Muslim group in order to defend the charge. Thus, Jaafar (RA) completely satisfied by reciting some verses of Surah Maryam from the Holy Quran. 

At that, he impressed very much and sent an envoy of Quraysh with empty handed without delivering the immigrant group. Not only the King showed kindness but he allowed the Muslim group to deliver their true message to the people of Abyssinia as well. Moreover, he permitted them to call their other Muslim brothers and sisters from Makkah. Thus, when Muslim of Makkah came to know the great success of first immigrants they made their arrangements to migrate and thus met with their Muslim group in Abyssinia at the subsequent year. If you want to feel the troubles of Muslim against Quraysh in the Makkah, so grasp Cheap Umrah Packages and visit the way of migration and feel how they confront against the Pagan Arab. The Muslims who joined the first group were as following:

1.    Jaafar ibn Abi Talib (RA)
2.    Asma bint Umays (RA)
3.    Abdullah(RA)
4.    Uthman (RA)
5.    Ruqayya (RA)
6.    Amr ibn Saïd (RA)
7.    Fatima bint Safwan(RA) 
8.    Khalid ibn Said (RA)
9.    Umayna bint Khalif (RA)
10.    Abdullah ibn Jahsh(RA)
11.    Umayyad(RA)
12.    Ubaydullah ibn(RA) Jahsh
13.    Umm Habiba (Raml(RA)a) bint Abi Sufyan
14.    Qays ibn Abdullah(RA)
15.    Baraka bint Yasar(RA)
16.    Muwayqib(RA)
17.    Abu Hudhayfa(RA)
18.    Abu Musa Abdullah(RA)
19.    Utba ibn Ghazwan (RA)
20.    Al-Zubayr (RA)
21.    Al-Aaswad(RA)
22.    Yazid ibn Zama'(RA)a 
23.    Amr ibn Umayya (RA)
24.    Tulayb (RA)
25.    Musaab (RA)
26.    Suwaybit (RA)
27.    Jahm (RA)
28.    Umm Harm(RA)ala
29.    Amr (RA)
30.    Khuzayma(RA)
31.    Abu’l-Rum(RA)
32.    Firas (RA)
33.    Abdulrahm(RA)an 
34.    Amir ibn Abi W(RA)aqqas 
35.    Al-Muttalib (RA)
36.    Ramla bint Abi A(RA)wf 
37.    Abdullah ibn Masood (RA)
38.    Utba ibn Masood(RA)
39.    Al-Miqdad (RA)
40.    Al-Harith(RA)
41.    Rayta bint Al-VHarith
42.    Amr ibn Uthma(RA)
43.    Abu Salama(RA)
44.    Umm Salama (RA)
45.    Shammas(RA)
46.    Habbar (RA)
47.    Abdullah ibn Sufyan (RA)
48.    Hisham (RA)
49.    Salama (RA)
50.    Ayyash (RA)
51.    Mu'attib (RA)
52.    Uthman (RA)
53.    Al-Saïb(RA)
54.    Qudama(RA)
55.    Abdullah(RA)
56.    Hatib ibn (RA)
57.    Fatima bint Al-Mujallil (RA)
58.    Muhammad ibn Hatib (RA)
59.    Al-Harith(RA)
60.    Hattab ibn Al-Harith (RA)
61.    Fukayha (RA)
62.    Sufyan (RA)
63.    Hasana (RA)
64.    Jabir ibn Sufyan(RA) 
65.    Junada(RA)
66.    Shurahbhil (RA)
67.    Uthman Khunays ibn Hudhafa(RA)
68.    Qays (RA)
69.    Abdullah ibn Hudhafa (RA)
70.    Abdullah ibn Al-Harith (RA)
71.    Hisham ibn Al-Aas (RA)
72.    Abu Qays ibn Al-Harith(RA) 
73.    Al-Harith  (RA)
74.    Maamar(RA)
75.    Bishr (RA)
76.    Saïd ibn(RA)
77.    Al-Saïb (RA)
78.    Umayr (RA)
79.    Mahmiya(RA)
80.    Maamar (RA)
81.    Urwa (RA)
82.    Adiy (RA)
83.    Al-Numan(RA) 
84.    Amir ibn Rabia (RA)
85.    Layla (RA)
86.    Abu Sabra (RA)
87.    Umm Kulthum bint Suhayl (RA)
88.    Abdullah ibn Makhrama (RA)
89.    Abdullah ibn Suhayl (RA)
90.    Salit (RA)
91.    Al-Sakran(RA) 
92.    Sawda bint Zama'a (RA)
93.    Malik (RA)
94.    Amra (RA)
95.    Hatib (RA)
96.    Saad (RA)
97.    Abu Ubayda (RA)
98.    Suhayl (RA)
99.    Amr ibn Abi Sarh (RA)
100.    Iyad (RA)
101.    Amr ibn A(RA)l-Harith 
102.    Uthman ibn Abdu Ghanm (RA)
103.    Saad ibn Abdu Qays (RA)
104.    Ammar ibn Yasir (RA)

On the other hand, Prophet (SAW) completely dwelled in Madinah after constructing Masjid Nabvi where he resolved all the matters of all kinds of people with complete justice. The spot in Majid Nabvi is still visited from the people of UK who come for Umrah Hajj from London to Saudi Arabia. Consequently, the people of Madinah found their savior who removed their unsolved conflicts. 

Thus, Prophet (SAW) called all the immigrants from Abyssinia to Madinah where they warmly welcomed from the Ansaar (people of Madinah). They rendered shelters and all amenities of life to survive. Then, Prophet (SAW) established an Islamic Brotherhood between Immigrants and Ansaar which proved exceptional equation. Not only Ansaar offered just amenities but also shared their inheritances among the Immigrants.  

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