Save the Tigers.

by Shivanand Hulyalkar Maharashtra Pradesh Youth Congress

 The tiger is one of the most magnificent animals in the world. They are a portrayal of strength, majesty, and beauty. Though, it is sad to say that the master of all is in danger and very few of them are left in the wild. The parts of the most beloved and vital creature have been used for illegal trade across the country which has put them on the list of endangered species. The natural population of tigers has been disintegrating slowly. This is surely going to affect our ecosystem as tigers have a crucial role to play in it.

There are many reasons for the extinction of tigers. The illegal trade market where every part of the tigers is sold for traditional medicine, remedies and status symbol has been the most important factor. Besides this, the human interference in the forest land has led to its degradation, which implies that the tiger whose population is largely found in the forest region are losing their habitat. Hunting and man-animal conflict due to developmental pressures is yet another strong factor that has led to the endangerment of the species.

According to the Global Tiger Initiative, tigers are indicators of the ecological wellness of planet earth. Being the dominant predators of the ecosystem, they ensure that the numbers of herbivores like deer are kept balanced. A steep fall in tiger population could lead to a rise in herbivore population, which could potentially destroy forests by consuming the trees and plants. And forests have a huge role to play in preserving this earth that we live in, especially in the recent time of climate change concern.

India is the home to 70% of the global tiger population. Thus, our country has a vital role to play in tiger conservation. Besides this, the recent Government has taken very few steps to ensure the safety of tigers and our ecosystem. The aesthetic, ethical and cultural values of tigers have also proved to be critical factors for saving tigers in India. They offer direct use such as attracting tourists, which provide incomes for local communities.

Shivanand Hulyalkar would like to request the Government to set up new Tiger reserves, expand and preserve their territory. Every state should be made to participate in this and declare the specified areas as tiger reserves. Necessary rules and bans should be implemented to protect the tiger territories. Besides this, our country should make international agreements to curb wildlife trade. International agreements ensure that international trade in the specimens of wild animals like a tiger does not threaten their survival.

The concerned authorities should take the required and urgent measures to protect tigers and factors that continue to pose a threat to the animal’s survival. As a public servant and a concerned citizen for the environment, I request all my fellow citizens to take the necessary steps on their part to protect our tigers and press the Government to take the required steps. We should all come together to save our National Animal and secure the lives of our future generation.

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